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Dear Best Friend

Letter Challenge Day One – Best Friend

Dear Josef,

Since the last letter I wrote to you wasn’t received as well as I would have liked, I think it’s fitting that you are the recipient of a more lighthearted Best Friend letter; one that does not involve guilt, threats, or perfectly reasonable requests for you to meet me at the airport which you will disregard anyway.

How is life, Best Friend? I see you quite a lot in your section of the house when I come over to be victimized harassed entertained by and with your sister, but I’m not at all sure of what you do for so many hours on that computer, or how you spend life apart from it. I feel horribly negligent for proclaiming you Best Friend and then not doing my duties as one. So get me up to speed with all things Josef. When should I expect the current rulers to be deposed and replaced by superior beings of your choosing? Which movie did you go see for your birthday? (Happy one of those, by the way!) Are you a fire or air bender, because Sara’s confused me on that score? And last but not least… My lord, is that legal?

If you deem our Best Friendshipliness requires a level of secrecy that answering these questions would destroy, then by all means tell me at once so I can cease this foolishness and go on wondering eternally about the mysteries of the Josef-shadow in the corner. Otherwise, I’d be most interested in hearing some particulars about your life and daily activities.

And since I believe the rule about quotes has been altered to: Beth is not allowed to speak to Josef without including at least one Star Wars quote into the conversation, my job here is done.



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