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Dear Crush

Letter Challenge Day Two – My Crush

Dearest F.,

The feelings I have for you are so much deeper than that of a silly Crush. A trusted friend urged me to get to know you, and I’m ever so glad I listened. We met in Paris. You were a friend to me from the moment my hand first drew you out of that frigid crowd and I said “hello” on that dusty, foreign street. You got me through the summer heat of France and Italy, never denying my lips satisfaction, or my heart comfort. I know you were empty inside when we parted, but I’ll always remember the delights of our summer fling; the quirky cap you wore, how you tasted of oranges, and that you were the first person I was reluctant to share with Sara. I’m sorry for my lapse in faithfulness. I had a short-lived relationship with your brother, but I should have known he couldn’t do for me what you have. Here, back home, I’m reminded of you constantly. There are others that look like you, have your bubbly personality, even share your name, but beneath the surface there’s no comparison. It makes me miss you terribly; pine for you, even. European Fanta, I love you. Please come back to me.

Missing You Muchly,



3 thoughts on “Dear Crush

  1. This is the best thing I’ve ever read, hands down. I am still giggling at the end. I love how it sounds very romantic and sad, and then… you’re talking about a beverage.

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