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Dear Da and Mum

I realize this is technically late, but since I haven’t gone to sleep yet I consider it the same day as what it was before 12am.

Letter Challenge Day Three – My Living Progenitors

Dear Daddy, and Maman too,

Because you’re both home 90% of the time, and Dad, you like to lecture, it’s not like I have a whole lot to say in the way of petty daily things; you know what’s going on in my life all the time. So the tone of this letter will be heartfelt gratitude. A way for me to bless you for those so far nineteen years of parenting.

Thank you for not being my friends. I’m completely serious. In a culture when most parents are either playing buddy-buddy with their kids or paying no attention to them at all, I’m so thankful to have a mom and dad who had the strength of character to stand up and be actual parents.

Dad, I love that you’re a strong authority figure. I’ve often thought you to be strict, critical, harsh, and sometimes judgmental, but you are certainly not weak, be it in convictions, actions, or athletic skills. I love your sermons. Maybe not so much the ones directed at me on weekdays, but the uncompromising truths spoken from the pulpit on Sundays, morning and evening, could only come from a man with a vast knowledge of history, a brilliant eloquence, and a close relationship with God. Thank you for taking me on your knee as a tiny girl and teaching me to read from the Bible. Thank you for the birthday lunches, the long talks in your study that did not make me cry–and thank you for some that did. Thank you for watching period dramas with me and pointing out fascinating historical facts along with movements in the soundtrack that must have been taken straight from the works of classical composers. Thank you for taking all the boys out to soccer and being the kind of father who keeps up with his teenage sons on the pitch.

Mom, thank you for taking my hand and helping me walk, not only with my infant feet but in the paths of the righteous. Thanks for letting me spell my name at three, cook at five, and making it my job to clear the table every night after dinner by the time I was seven. That’s not sarcasm. I appreciate that I can now lecture all my siblings about the sort of responsibilities I had at their age and how they’ve got it too easy. You’re an amazing handywoman with easily the most cheesy sense of humor ever, and I love you for it. Thank you for forgiving me as often as I slack and disappoint you. Thank you for being the kind of mom who not only bakes and sews and keeps track of all our appointments, but can also repair a leaky sink, change the oil in the car, and direct me home when I get lost on the road. Thank you for being an example to me, for understanding my petty girlish issues, nurturing our family, and not disowning me… yet.

Thank you both so much for letting me go to Europe this year. Not only for letting me, but for giving me your blessing, supporting my endeavors, and Dad, for offering to help get me there even if you were in denial over the whole thing until the day I was gone.

Thank you for being my teachers, guardians, protectors, comforters, and guides. I praise God that he saw it fitting to make you my parents; and that in a world of rapidly declining family values, you both have done marvelous things for Him and for me.

With all my love,


P.S. I couldn’t write this without thinking of Ron’s Parents by the brilliant PotterPuppetPals


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