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Sweet Talkin Saturday: Aroon

For the first Sweet Saturday I’ve got a bit of an Irish treat for ya. This one took me some time to dig up because I’ve been spelling it in its American form which made all the web searches think I’m an idiot who can’t spell  the name “Aaron.” I thought I was going crazy and had just imagined “aroon” popping up all over the place in Scarlett–Alexandra Ripley’s sequel to Gone With the Wind. But I’m not crazy. I’m pretty sure it’s in there a lot, spelled just like that: Aroon.

Aroon, or in it’s pure Irish form, a rún, is a term of endearment that literally means “oh love!” It’s pronounced ah-roon, and personally, I think it’s quite darling to say and hear. It can be used from sweetheart to sweetheart or parent to child, and even as I use it, on little siblings that are particularly lovable. (Yeah, I don’t use it much. ;)) The way I became familiar with it was reading Scarlett’s Irish cousin call her by it over and over because he was a nice fellow and all. It was always tacked on after a name, like “Scarlett aroon,” so to me it doesn’t sound right without the person’s name preceding it. In my head, it even works as a half-name with a dash between. For example: Geneva would be Gi-aroon. Of course, that’s just me, and if you believe the search engines, I’m crazy and stupid. However, it does add something more personal to it, don’t you think?

This is a term of endearment that does exist. Love? Like? Hate?

But seriously, it’s Irish. How could you hate it?


4 thoughts on “Sweet Talkin Saturday: Aroon

  1. Hehehe. Yes. It’s Irish. I am incapable of not liking something Irish.

    But it is a really cute term of endearment. (I like these posts, by the way. They make me smile.)

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