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Sweet Talkin’ Saturday: The Quest

Ever think about how many terms of endearment are out there? Where they originated? If you could ever stand to be called someone’s “honey buns?”* Well I’ve decided to look into the matter and hopefully find some fresh new words to go a-name-callin’ your sweethearts with.

You know, since I have so many sweethearts to name-call, this will be quite useful to me. [/sarcasm]

But let’s make it more official than that!

*Ahem* I now declare this to be the first Sweet Talkin’ Saturday! Why this sounds more and more Southern, I can’t say. Is it a particularly Southern characteristic to quest for lovey-dovey words?

From the foreign to familiar, the sweet and the silly, I will venture forth every end of the week o’er the wilderness of yon internet and bring back words of love.



*The answer for me is most decidedly no. Unless it was in a very Southern accent, preceded by a “Howdy” and possibly spoken in jest.


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