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Dear Stranger

Letter Challenge Day Six – A Stranger

Dear “Beach Galen,”

It’s really not fair for you to be so good looking and then go walking around beaches with a nice smile and friendly demeanor where perfectly respectable families with their unsuspecting single daughters go to vacation. Normally I’m a very sensible girl about male persons and I’m not distracted by one face at the beach. I’m impressed by a funny conversation much sooner than a nice face, and you and I never had a funny conversation. (Darnit!) But I admit, I wanted to follow you around with big eyes until you magically got down on one knee and proposed on the spot. It really didn’t help at all when you half-changed right by the side of the van as I was stepping out. That’s really not fair. Not fair at all. I tried to get a picture of you with my cell phone, and again with my camera, but both times you moved away too quickly. I’m sure it wouldn’t be healthy for me to have those pictures anyway.

You look a lot like Alex O’Loughlin, who in certain shots looks a lot like how I imagine a main character in my novel to look, so wow! double points for you, sir. What’s in that water you surf in? But wait… my dad tells me you only went to that beach because you’re a very beginner surfer. So what’s in the water you drink? Are you my creation, come to life? As soon as you left, the sun came back full force; almost like you knew… Beach Galen, you can’t be in direct sunlight for long, can you? I think you’re him. Are you him!? My brother says you’re probably too old for me, but what does he know? I’m going to be 20 this year, so even if you’re 30 (which I don’t think you are, as apparently you’re in school) that’d still be fine with me!

Will you make your way down to the valley sometime? We don’t have to go out or do anything special. I just want to look at you.




3 thoughts on “Dear Stranger

  1. Hahaha!!!! I like this quite a lot. Was he just a figment of your imagination? A spectral being that you conjured up to stalk and survey? You truly are hilarious, Byrd. ;)

    1. No, he was really there! Dad even spoke to him! That’s how amazing it was. I really wanted to go up and ask, “What are you doing here, Galen? I thought you were imagined.” But that would have been awkward. :P

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