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My Life’s Soundtrack: Useless Survey


1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing.

**Opening Credits
“King of the Mountain” — Phil’s Version
(WEE GOOOT POOOWAAAH! This movie will be EPIC!!! EPIC!!)

**Waking Up:
“North and South Opening” — Martin Phipps
(Somewhat ominous, but stirring and pretty with undertones of hope. Hm.)

**First Day At School:
“Black and Gold” — Sam Sparro
(Strangely fitting. See, black is for the dark of school and gold is for the color of autumn. I guess. :P)

**Falling In Love:
“Home” — Michael Buble
(This is a very mellow love. Not that I’m complaining.)

**Fight Song:
“Sound Effect: Evil” — Phil
(Haha! Too perfect. “Look, look behind you!!” “What??” *sounds of death*)

**Breaking Up:
“If I Could Only Dream This World Away” — Woman in White Broadway Cast
(I guess I didn’t take it so well…)

**After getting drunk you say:
“I Remember/Stranger Than You Dreamt it” — Phantom of the Opera
(HAHAHA! Wooow. I feel like I should put a note here; I SWEAR I’m not cheating! This is what my player comes up with! I just listen to great songs!)

**At your speech after you become prom queen/king you say:
“Masquerade/Why So Silent” — Phantom of the Opera
(Two Phantom songs in a row, eh? It’s like my player knows me.)

“The Last Rose of Summer” — Hayley Westenra
(I actually listen to this song a lot on the road. Mostly driving to church.)

“Unbreak My Heart” — Toni Braxton
(HAH! I don’t even listen to this song. I just use it for cheesy videos. xP)

**Getting Back Together:
“Super Fast Jellyfish” — Phil & Co.
(If that’s the case, whoever I’m getting back together with is weird. And awesome.)

“Beyond My Wildest Dreams” — Little Mermaid: Original Broadway Cast

**Birth of Child:
“Like a Prayer” — Glee Cast

**Your deepest secret:
“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” — The Rolling Stones
(What’s that supposed to mean??)

**Night Before War:
“May it Be” — Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings OST
(Good one! Very nice.)

**Final Battle:
“Heartland” — Celtic Thunder
(“Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy” Sung epically by Irish men during battle? Yes, I’ll take that.)

** Moment Of Triumph
“Any Way You Want it” — Journey

**Death Scene:
“Madame Guillotine” — Scarlet Pimpernel Broadway Cast
(This would officially be the Best. Movie. Ever.)

**Funeral Song:
“I Love it When You Call” — The Feeling
(NIIICE!! XD “I love it when you call, but you never call at all!” I <3 this song.)

**End Credits:
“Melancholy Interlude” — Hayley Westenra
(Aw, end on a sad note? But we were having so much fun at my funeral!! Oh well.)


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