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Dear Favorite Internet Friend

Letter Challenge Day Eight – My Favourite Internet Friend

Has it really been over a week since I started this? It doesn’t feel like that at all.

Just a little note before we begin; I have quite a few very amazing internet friends and it didn’t seem right to choose just one. I narrowed it down to three before I decided I couldn’t mash them together. So there should be no hard feelings when this favorite is revealed. However, I did take a peek at some of the challenges to come and found places for each of my most favored internet persons. ;)

So here we go!

Dear Sacramento Public Library Database,

Oh, what wonders you have in store for me! The troves of library treasures all over the city can be mine for the asking. All I have to do is place my order and wait for Central to ship it on to my location. If you ceased to exist, I would shrivel up and die. Or certainly I’d have an emotional breakdown, a crisis of the most horrendous kind. The ice cream section in grocery stores all over would be emptied of their frozen dairy contents as I lived solely off of that and whimpered pitiably in my room for weeks to come. You tell me when a new book awaits me at the library. You tell me three days in advance that they’re due back. You’re a wonderful system. I’m keeping you. I’m quite upset right now because the people in charge of you aren’t accepting purchase requests, and Robin McKinley’s new book is out. This is maddening, but I understand it’s not your fault. It’s the economy’s fault. So essentially, it’s Stephenie Meyer’s fault… but we’ll get to that all in good time.

Want you with me forever,

User 23029…


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