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Dear Person I Wish To Meet

Letter Challenge Day Nine – A Person I Wish To Meet

Dear Phil,

I think you’re not home yet because you haven’t answered my welcome home Skype message. And no, you are not officially home until you’ve spoken to Sara or me. Wheeeere aaaare yooouuu!?

Phil, Phil, Phil…

You are so amazing that I’d feel inadequate trying to explain why I want to meet you so much, and anyone who would ask such a simpleton’s question will get hair-whipped into silence. Foolish mortals. That’s like someone asking me why I’d want to meet Gandalf or Elrond. Or a publisher who wants to look at my stories and make them into pretty books.

We’ve already narrowed down the possible reactions I would have to actually meeting you. There’s the stunned into awed silence option, the jumping up and down whilst squealing for glee option, and the crying tears of wonderment option. I think you and Sara should make bets on which one I’ll respond with and then you come here and a proper winner can be announced. Chef Excellence would call this an excellent notion.

Every time I see a sushi places in the area, I think about how we’ll have to go there when you visit. So after forcing me to eat sushi and calling me silly for being hesitant about it, we’ll inevitably demand a special time set aside for voice impressions. I will beg for Gandalf and Sara for Alice. We will laugh and clap a lot while you shake your head and wonder why it amuses us so well. I want to be in a movie of yours. We’ll have to go explore the neat places we can find in the non-flat-lands of Caleefornya. You can direct and film and verbally abuse me at will which would make Sara very happy. (I can’t actually imagine you being mean to me, but I think moderate disappointment on your part would be enough to send me spiraling into a manic state of depression.) She could complain about everything I do wrong that you don’t point out and I’ll probably end up in a puddle, find myself arrested for trespassing, or get attacked by a rabid dog before the day’s through. It’ll be great fun!

Skype is lonely. I haven’t stayed up past 4am since you left and no one continually prods me to comment on things like Flickr photos and videos and the wonderful Phil things you send me. To state in true Bilbo style: “I hate it!”

I feel like doing a lot of scrollies to appease the Skype swirlies into leaving us alone when you do return…



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