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Dear We Should Talk More

Letter Challenge Day Ten – Someone I Don’t Talk To as Much as I’d Like

Dear Almaund,

We never talk, per se. You have a wretched habit of disappearing for months on end, and then popping up out of nowhere with a desire to work on everything at once. Usually it’s when I’m indisposed: enjoying some kick-back time at the ocean, or taking a nice long bath. I see you now, sitting on that pile of mostly-clean laundry, daring me to ignore it and write something citrus-y instead. Thanks a lot. That’s so helpful.

Currently, you have me on auto-pilot. I haven’t really seen or heard from you lately, but I know you’re around because… well, look, I wrote a lime this week. Better be careful or Sara’s going to replace you. She doesn’t quite work the same way as you do; she’s more of the demanding, won’t let me eat until I finish type, but she never complains that giving me something to do is too hard because of room temperature or soggy cereal. In fact, she withholds things like Kahlua cake from me until it’s written! You need to come out of hiding more often because that page of Wind Blessed has been due for about three weeks now and it never got written because you blamed Harry Potter for stealing you away. Shame. On. You.

Talk to me again. I miss your insight.

Your Mistress,

Lady Beth of the Creative Isles

For those of you always wondering if my posts are directed to real people, for clarification, this is to my muse. Yes, I decided some time ago that I do have one, personified as a moody Frenchman. I’m certifiable, I’ve been told.


9 thoughts on “Dear We Should Talk More

  1. The fact that you’ve named your muse and he is a moody Frenchman makes me rather happy. (Also, I wish I could write blogs as interesting as yours!)

      1. Yes, my muse pouts when I blog more than I write. :D (But most of today has been spent writing the second chapter of a new idea, so she’s happy. (I now feel the need to name my muse!))

      2. Do tell me when she has a name! I was always the odd one. My muse, imaginary friends, and even my pets (if I could help it) were all male. :P
        Ooo, new ideas are exciting and dangerous! I say dangerous because for me it always means something more developed isn’t getting worked on. Poor neglected things.

  2. I haven’t quite decided yet; being the name nerd that I am, I searched for names that meant variants of creative/obstinate/flighty (all three of which my muse is) and got nothing. So now I’m debating between Alastríona(the feminine form of the Irish form of Alexander), Catriona (coming from Katherine, which means “torture,” “each of the two,” or “pure”), or Eireann (which… pretty much means Ireland).

    I think Alastríona is my favorite. :D

    I don’t think I ever had imaginary friends, but I did (and still do) make up stories and pretend I was the heroine when I was supposed to be sleeping. Hehe. And my cat is a girl.

    They are dangerous, these new ideas. It means I’m now two and a half chapters (and a prologue!) into a story that I may post to be yet another unfinished novel on Fiction Press. :D But I DID write a new chapter for one of the other stories I should be finishing. So there’s that.

    1. Wow, you’re putting a lot more thought into it than I did! Mine is just a mix of almonds and the French name Armand, which I’ve always been fond of. :) I was messing with name meshes in an email to a friend and it just stuck.

      Alastriona definitely stands out! And our muses could share first initials! :D It’s very pretty!! Like Almaund’s hair. *pets it*

      I was an awkward child. I needed someone to talk to while I did laundry or other chores by myself. My many siblings weren’t enough. :P Oh, I still do the heroine thing too. Especially when I’m not satisfied with the female in the original. ;)

      Oooo… excellent! I finally reached a point in my “new” story (which is actually recycled from my FIRST story) where I think Chapter 1 is ready to end. At last. It’s been way too long. :P Here’s to us and writer’s productivity! Cheers!

      1. I’ve always been obsessed with name meanings. I don’t know why. Probably for the same reason that I used to read the dictionary. :D I’m not usually prone to making up my own names unless it’s a fantasy story. (Almaund’s origin is great! So then… it would mean French Almonds, perhaps? Hehe)

        But yes. I’ve settled on Alastríona. :D Our muses share first initials, and, it seems, a tendency to be flighty.

        Hehe. I talk to imaginary people when I do my chores- usually in the context of a story I’m writing, but sometimes just out of pure boredom and a rampant imagination. (I’ve been quite a few interesting people while doing my chores.) ;)

        Congratulations! I hope that chapter two comes easily. :D I have never liked writing first chapters…

  3. Oh, me too. It takes me forever to name characters because I want to make sure that if anyone thinks to look their meanings up, they’ll go, “Aaah! Okay! I see wut u did thar!” :P But that makes Almaund kind of special since his name just happened. Well if you split it with the literal meaning of “Armand” it means Almond Soldier. Heehee. :D

    Wonderful! Let us toast! Oh… toast sounds good right now.

    I’ve talked my way through a lot of plot gaps over big piles of dishes and laundry. Don’t tell mum, but sometimes I like doing chores for that very reason. ;)

    Thanks!! Ah, really? I’m the opposite. I love starting at the beginning! Naming everyone, figuring out the best style, asking yourself all sorts of fascinating questions about where it’s all headed. In fact, when I get further into it I often think, “Well, now I know what happens and it’s all sorted out. What’s the point in finishing?” Which is a terrible thing, really.

    1. Yeah; there was this one story where the girl’s name meant White Rose, and the guy planted a garden of white roses for her… because he knew that. (It was creepy, actually…) Or another where the four women had names whose meanings corresponded with their character traits. Teehee, Almond Soldier. (Alastronia means something like “protecting men” (whatever Alexander means. Grandma’s internet is slow and I don’t want to look it up right now. :D ))

      Mmm. I had toast for breakfast.

      I won’t tell! I dislike chores, but they are useful for getting through plot holes and thinking up new ideas. :D

      I dunno; it may just be that I’ve never really liked a few of my first chapters- My Beloved’s especially- and sometimes I can’t quite figure out a good beginning because I’ve written a third or fourth chapter that I have to introduce somehow. :D I don’t plan out my stories… ever. That’s the excitement of writing for me; there are so many possibilities as to where it can go, and I never quite know which road it’ll take until I’ve written the next chapter.

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