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How To Adapt

Movie heroines who can’t adapt really bother me. When a privileged girl is forced to move from her urban lifestyle to a run-down country cottage, I expect her to make the best of things. When a woman agrees to an arranged marriage of convenience, I’m going to be angry if she doesn’t at least try to be a good wife and learn to love her husband. When a tomboy is sent to live with proper and wealthy relatives, I can’t bear it if the female in question makes no effort to maintain a level of respectability. It’s not that I want these characters to change who they are* or abandon all principles in order to conform to whoever and wherever they’re placed, but I just can’t applaud women who refuse to look for the good in any given situation. I like heroines who take what’s given to them and make it even better.

Here are some tips I would share with these fictional women if I could.

1. Change your attitude
It starts in the heart. If you’re absolutely positive that the changes in your life are going to make you a miserable person, I guarantee they will; and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

2. Change your mind
Knowledge is power. Research is your gateway. Find out whatever you can about the place, people, and practices you’re now surrounded by. Learning about the whys and hows will go a long way in helping you understand it all. It won’t be half so overwhelming then, and you may find areas of common interest along the way.

3. Change your wardrobe
What on earth were you thinking, bringing those shoes out here? People in different environments don’t dress the way they do merely to make a fashion statement. Combat boots weren’t crafted for their looks. Being dressed properly makes everything smoother.

4. Change your setting
Disgusted by the filth? Get a scrub brush, some soap, and a bucket of whitewash. Tiny room? Move furniture around; make the most of the space you have. Ugly yard? Plant a garden. This is assuming you have the permission and ability to do these things, but there are a million different ways of making the things around you more comfortable.

5. Change your life
Don’t be too stubborn to learn a lesson. Maybe your five year plan isn’t going to work out. Maybe that million dollar mansion you thought to inherit was left to someone else. Instead of fretting, take a minute to stop and reflect about all the wonderful things you do have in your life. Accept that you can’t control the universe, roll up your sleeves and enjoy the adventure.

Ex: When stranded on an island, the Robinsons built a tree house!

“When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.” – The Sound of Music


*…or do I?

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