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Things I’ll Do For Books and Food

Two of my most favorite things are knowledge and sustenance. There’s little I wouldn’t do to acquire both. In fact, there are quite a few things I’ll do for books and food that I refuse to do for most people.

For the means to get to the library, a bookstore, restaurant, or fast food place, I would…

-Change my outfit for the day

-Steal a car – okay, borrow

-Drive through unfamiliar areas

-Run (or exert myself with other forms of bodily exercise)

-Spend money

-Stop writing

-Cheerfully complete chores


-Ignore you

-Take foolish risks

-Defy authority

-Go out of my way

-Make you go out of your way

-Pretend to be a boy (I do have the boy wig & clothes)

-Make noisy public displays of affection (includes squealing, gushing, and producing triumphant background music with love theme)

-Observe time and dates

-Go places I don’t want to go

-Cut in line (not that I’ve done this, but conceivably I would)

-Stand, walk, or otherwise BE. In. Direct. Sunlight.

If I’ve done one or more of those things for you, know that you are a special person indeed and you mean as much to me as books and food–possibly more. ;)


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