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Ah, my eyes!!

So today I had an eye exam because I need new contacts, and as the doctor’s switching lenses to find out if my eyesight’s worsened or no, flashing lights in them and whatnot, she stopped a bit, made this “Eehw“* sound and said, “You have an eye infection.” She put some weird liquid yellowy stuff on the bottom of my eyes, shined some more lights and said I have an infection in both eyes, all the way around the outside.

I have to stay off contacts for at least a week and use eye drops to kill this nastiness dead. The contact part isn’t so bad because I do have a nice pair of glasses for just such emergencies, but I don’t like the idea that my eyes are so abused. I feel really bad. I’ve never had good eyesight. I got my first pair of glasses at five and those were the early 90’s when having glasses meant you looked like a freakish homeschooler. Which I was, but still. :P

Since then my eyesight has only got worse and worse. For a year or two it’ll stay the same, and then periodically I’ll be bumped up in lens strength. At present I wear a prescription of -9.00 which means I’m severely nearsighted and my lenses are so thick they stick out of my frames about two inches on either side. It’s really sad and it kind of scares me. Without the help of my contacts or glasses, I can’t so much as pick out the right vitamins from the cupboard. I can’t read without the book being inches from my face. I can’t tell people apart unless I know them really well. I always have this fear that someday I’ll be out working and my glasses will go flying off my face and get stepped on and broken. I couldn’t drive home, I couldn’t go anywhere… I could do anything except sit somewhere safe and call for help. I don’t want to be blind!!

I feel horrible because I’ve been getting lazy with my contact care. I do my best not to sleep in them, but lately I haven’t been all that great about taking them out for afternoon naps. I don’t always wash my eye makeup off at night. My eyes have been exceptionally sensitive to sunlight, but I didn’t really think much of it since I’ve always been a baby about the sun. “Aaah, don’t tan me! Don’t shine in my eyes! Don’t make me sweaty! I’m buuuurning!!!” But it’s never been that bad. I should have been more careful.

Poor eyes. I’ll take better care of you from now on. I need you to see!!!


*That’s exactly what she said.

4 thoughts on “Ah, my eyes!!

  1. Not fun! I’m sorry you have an eye infection. I hope it gets killed dead really fast. :D

    I know I would definitely not be a good candidate for contacts- I’m too lazy to take them out and constantly clean them, annndd… I tend to wear makeup to bed too often. (Which also manifests itself in my skin… blegh) So I know that when I have the choice of getting new glasses and/or contacts, I’ll probably skip the contacts and just go with glasses. I mean, I’m a little bit of a nerd and a writer anyway, so… I can pull of wearing glasses.

    1. Thank you, friend. :)

      I got my contacts when I was 12, and I was interrogated with questions about my intent to take care of them. It was when contacts were a relatively new idea and I was dying to get out of my horrid glasses – which were always getting broken by little siblings and readjusted because of my little nose. Now that they make smart looking frames, I don’t mind glasses at all. Writing nerds FTW!! :D

  2. I’m very sorry. Are your eyes feeling any better? Don’t you feel horribly guilty when optometrists, or doctors, or dentists interrogate you about your habits? I always feel like a little kid who’s caught stealing cookies.

    1. That’s exactly how I feel! And yes, my eyes are free of infection now!! :D I’m gradually going off the eye drops because I guess you’re not supposed to quit steroids cold turkey. Also, my contacts and glasses are getting stronger prescriptions. I ees no see good. But at least they’re “healthy” eyes that can’t see!

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