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This is a wedding march

Just listen to it. It’s got three movements; the first is heroic for the preparation and waiting around of the bridegroom and groom’s men, the second and softer one is for the bridesmaids to walk down the aisle, and the last with the Binary Sunset theme is for the bride. Come on, admit it! This would make a great wedding march!

I think her headdress is weird. But then, so is her husband.

I would totally use this for my wedding. Except… that would mean a huge bridal party to take up all that musical walking time. Or maybe some brilliant composer could smoosh it all together for a shorter piece. Who am I kidding? I’ll end up using Kanon in D so as not to upset the traditional wedding ceremony. But this would make such a nice wedding march.


One thought on “This is a wedding march

  1. The comment about her headdress and husband made me laugh out loud. I totally agree. Her husband IS weird.

    And that would be an epic wedding march!!!

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