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Sweet Talkin Saturday: Honey

Honey is not a casual girlfriend/boyfriend term. In other words, it’s another one of those that doesn’t get tossed around by youthful wooers. (If you know of youthful wooers who do toss it around, please tell me of this grand phenomenon.)

Honey is a word of familiarity. It implies a relationship that’s already somewhat solidified. It’s something you use in passing, to someone you love enormously but have gotten so completely used to that it just slips into your sentences as a subconscious way of reminding them you care. If I hear someone say “honey” to their significant other, I imagine they’ve been together for a while. That’s how it arranges itself in my mind. I like it. I like honey as a sweetener, too.

Hollywood doesn’t like honey. When a spouse in film says, “Hey, honey, did you pay the mortgage?” or “Honey, pass me the salt” it’s most likely an indication of a fictional marriage about to go down the drain. It’s like they’re saying, “Look at this couple; so boring and normal. They’re disgustingly used to each other to the point that speaking kind words has become a habit. You don’t want to be like them because if you have a lasting relationship without some crazy passionate fireworks of danger and forbidden love, your life will be stupid. Plus we can’t make a screenplay based on it and become rich off your life story.” I don’t like this. Of course, Hollywood isn’t kind to marriages in general, but you know what I’m saying. That’s all another issue for another post.

Where was I?

Oh yes, honey! It’s good on toast. If you want to read an amazing book in which honey plays an important role, do look up Chalice by Robin McKinley. No one uses it as a term of endearment; it would feel rather out of place in a fantasy novel, but the heroine is a beekeeper and some of her special abilities manifest themselves through the honey she uses. It will make you hungry for honey, though. If you like honey, that is.



11 thoughts on “Sweet Talkin Saturday: Honey

  1. Hehe, this was rather funny.

    Honey is one of those terms that just has to be used by the right person, for me. Some people say it and it doesn’t really mean anything, and then there are the people who call you honey and it makes you feel special. (it also helps if they’re foreign or Southern.)

    1. Dad’s recently discovered Hallmark movies and the one called “The Magic of Ordinary Days” just came to mind. :) There needs to be more with that theme.

      Me too! I’m finding it a wonderful distraction. =)

  2. I took your advice, Beth, and read Chalice. I liked it lots. :D

    It’s one of those books that (I think) should never, ever be made into a movie. For a good 80 or so pages in the beginning, there are a lot of back-and-forth sequences (chronologically, I mean), and though they work beautifully in the book, I can’t imagine how that can be translated smoothly to screen. I don’t want to see the order all fixed up – or changed at all, really – because… ah, I liked the effect in the book. It was lovely. And then it straightened out at just the right time to successfully tell this fascinating story.

    So, yes, I got quite caught up in McKinley’s delightful tale of bees, honey, and fiery Masters. Thank you very much for recommending it!

    1. That’s great!!!

      Exactly! You just listed all the main reasons why I love Robin McKinley as an author! She writes books! Not screenplays or scripts or things, but really well crafted and exquisitely written books. She just wraps you up into into it all and makes you feel with the characters. I can’t count how many times I gasped or squeed or bit my lip during that book. I’m so glad you read and enjoyed it! :D McKinley’s done two lovely retellings of Beauty and the Beast, if you’re interested in more. ;) Beauty was my favorite of the two, but Rose Daughter was also lovely.

      1. I actually have quite a few books that I want to read as soon as I can, and since I usually only have time to read on Saturdays, I wouldn’t get to these ones for a while (especially since I’m a fairly slow reader). I’ll let you know if I do decide to read them!

      2. So… I finally got around to reading these two. I read Beauty last Saturday and Rose Daughter today. I actually liked Rose Daughter more than I did Beauty (although of course I enjoyed Beauty too). I think there’s more to the story, and it’s so beautifully written. I wanted to finish it by five today, and I tried and failed to read it quickly enough to do so. It’s the way she writes – you have to carefully read every word or you’ll end up feeling lost.

        (I also love how the Beast stays a Beast in the end.)

  3. Oh, lovely! :) To be honest, I didn’t quite understand why he stayed a Beast in the end. My mind immediately strayed to, “What about kids?” and maybe I wasn’t clear on what kind of beast he was, but if it was the actual wolfish sort… eeehh… I appreciate the different twist, but not if he stays an animal. :P

    Regardless of endings, though, McKinley is a wonder. I recently got the urge to read Spindle’s End once again. It’s her version of Sleeping Beauty, and like her other books it’s beautifully done.

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