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It’s too dangerous for you

I hate the superhero complex.

The one that says, “I have to do this alone.” Or more specifically, “You can’t be with me because I have powerful enemies and its dangerous.”

Too dangerous! Really!? In 9/10 of these cases the girl would be much safer with the hero because she’d have constant vigilant protection, or at least someone to warn her if there’s danger afoot. How many times has the hero turned his back and the girl got taken by the baddies anyway? Maybe the girl wants to be a hero too by keeping the guy’s “hope bright, head right, heart fighting on,” and all those other things a guy needs but doesn’t always realize. Alfred isn’t the only one who can keep heroes from stupid decisions. And speaking of decisions, let the girl make one, why dontcha! Instead of the age old speech of “I decided you can’t be an option because I love you and don’t want you hurt” I want to hear someone say, “You might get blown up by something if you marry me, so be sure you’re sure I’m worth it.” That, a gal can deal with.

Doesn’t the hero ever think the woman he fell for is noble enough to be glad to die for a bus full of elementary aged children? Darn it, if the guy can risk his life every day by beating up unsavory characters, the least he can do is let the heroine risk death by mending his cape. Or baking him cake. Or bearing mighty sons who will take up the cloth of justice if the power is passed on genetically.

Read THIS good citizens! Especially the first section. If you get lost on that site, it’s okay–I did too. ;)

Dear Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Harry Potter, and likewise,

Shut up, stupid! Stop being selfish and let the girl love you! >:|

It’s for your own good. And the good of all mankind.


P.S. I’m Genre Savvy! :D


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