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My Heart Knows a Lovely Song

My heart knows a lovely song
It whistles it all day long
If you know the melody
Please whistle it back to me
The way the bird in the beechwood tree
Calls to its mate so I’ll call to thee
Oh when will you answer me?
My lips are parched and my throat is numb
Does some inability make you dumb?
If you can cannot whistle, huuum!
Giacomo is my nom de plume
I whistle and hum, but I hum to whom
To whom do I hum, to whom?

Danny Kaye’s ditty in The Court Jester. Terribly funny movie. Full of cheese and good humor.

I just wanted to start off this post with that song because it fits the theme. But it doesn’t fit in the list I meant to make here which iiiiisss…


Songs I Wanna Sing When I’m in Love (Like That’s Ever Going To Happen! ((But I’m Just Prepared Like That))

The problem with love songs is that they’re all directed towards the object of the singer’s/writer’s affection. So if you have not a someone of whom to love, the whole point of singing a love song is moot. Not like that ever stopped anyone from singing a love song…

But these are songs I think would be especially fun to run around the house, the garage, the local supermarket singing as loud as I dare (which is pretty loud) because I’m annoyingly besotted. Some of these songs I don’t even like. I just want to be able to shout-sing them while shaking my head like a crazy person with a beau in mind. Bwahahaha. The world Fears the day I fall in love. With a capital F.

Your Love is My Drug -Kesha
Best part: The disgustingly catchy chorus. x.X
This has to be the most flattering song ever. Comparing a guy to an illegal substance. Unless she meant ibuprofen… no… she didn’t. She says ‘crackhead.’  I can’t help it! The stupid chorus is so catchy!

Waterloo -Abba
Best part: The historical reference and creative analogies to a military defeat put to a love song.
I housecleaned to this song a lot. (Not even at my own house.) Took that mop and danced the dirt right outta the floor. The mop tried to come home with me but I had to tell him it was only a passionate fling.

For Once in My Life -Michael Buble or Stevie Wonder
Best part: For once I can say ‘this is mine, you can’t take it!’
With 9 siblings, there’s a lot of stuff I have to share. And my best friend and I, in order to prevent terrible fights, share a few fictional husbands. So you can understand why the idea of having something I can say is mine and all mine is appealing to me. I like the build up of the Buble version because it builds and builds and builds and then you’re like “For ONCE! I can say THIS. IS. MINE! (*bom bom!*) YOU CAN’T TAKE IT!” and it feels awesome. Yet, the Stevie Wonder version is so much fun.

Keep On Loving You -REO Speedwagon
Best part: The accents that make it sound like, “And ah meant, ever wurd ah said! When ah said that aaaah love you, ah meant that ah love you fureeevur!” And the chorus. I really don’t care much about the rest of the song. :P

You Sexy Thing -Hot Chocolate
Best part: The whole thing is funktastic. “I believe in miracles! Where ya from? You sexy thing!

People Will Say We’re in Love (& the Reprise) -Oklahoma
Best part: Hugh Jackman sang it once. It’s… well, it’s Hugh Jackman playing Curly! So weird. So mind blowing. Git yerself on over to YerTube and watch some clippie-doos. xP
OOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKLAAHOMA! is a favorite old classic of mine. This song cracks me up and puts warm silly putty in the cracks it makes with or without Wolverine singing lead. I want someone to sing it at.

Lovefool -Cardigans
Best part: If you sing it really high pitched and off-key, people will know you’re imitating the most romantic guy ever created and it will make you instantly lovable.
This song is actually better known as “Love me, Love me” by Jim Halpert; the song that he annoys Karen with, which is totally acceptable because she’s not Pam and we want her annoyed. But I had to be “honest” and put the “original” title and artist.

Accidentally in Love -Counting Crows
Best part: “...strawberry ice cream…
It’s just so durned cheerful!

First Love -Kristy McNichol/Christopher Atkins
Best part: It’s the most ridiculous song ever written.
This is from The Pirate Movie. It’s incomprehensible. A parody on a satire. Think on that. Anywhoodle, what better expresses love than this:

??? Huh??? I mean, am I right!?! I’ll bet you’ve never seen so many fade-in effects in one scene before!! And horses! They have horses! After that song they kiss for about five minutes. Okay, not that long, but it FEELS that long!

So long, folks!



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