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Dear I Want To Be You

Letter Challenge Day Eighteen – The Person You Wish You Could Be

Dear Emmy Rossum,

I’m pretty sure you’re not human. You can’t be. No one person can have that much beauty, class, elegance and a voice that could move a Scrooge to tears as well. If I wasn’t so obsessed with charmed by you I would hate you. You also seem like a really sweet and charming person, which makes it all worse. I wish I could hate you! But I can’t. Instead I want to be you. Except I know I probably couldn’t do it. I’d buckle under the weight of it all and end up in rehab for snorting pixie stix and biting the paparazzi. (Yeah, you’re right; I’m just being modest. :P)

You were the reason I found Phantom of the Opera. That’s a huge deal. It was your performance in The Day After Tomorrow (a movie I liked only for the cuteness of you and Jake Gyllenhaal’s character) that led me to look for upcoming movies. Lo and behold, there was this interesting looking musical in production. How it has grown! You got to kiss Patrick Wilson and Gerard Butler at somewhere between 16 and 18 years old. In. The. Same. Movie. Oh my life.

You look gorgeous in every picture. Hair straightened, curlicued, poofy, waved… all perfection. For interviews, you don’t walk into a room so much as float. It’s like every movement you make is a dance.

I’ve seen the video for Slow Me Down a million times and I still can’t get over how pretty it is. Even So Right/Deeply Moving in which you sing in a fashion I’d normally find weird is just breathtaking. The style of your videos are the best ever. So graceful and “flowy” and… and the colors!

I’m scared to stalk you too much because #1, I actually care about your privacy and don’t want you ever to have reason to hate me, and #2, I’m always afraid I’ll see something bad written about you that you did. Please don’t do anything shameful. I will be sad.

Your full name is Emmanuelle and that is awesome.

I have to ask, though, what is it with this picture?

Emmy Rossum

Is that overkill or what? Like, let’s pose Emmy with a big ‘ole adorable retriever in the shot and the coolest, biggest brimmed hat ever. How do you do it, Emmy? How do you do it?

Tell me your secrets!!

Your admirer,



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