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Sweet Talkin Saturday: Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances

There are some words and phrases that you wouldn’t consider terms of endearment unless said in a very low voice of rich dulcet tones or spoken softly across a candlelit dinner with violins serenading in the background. Here are some of those, for your enjoyment.

1. Princess. When the woman in question is actually a princess. Otherwise, it sounds like you’re addressing a spoiled eight year old.
Sweet: Dimitri to Anya in Anastasia; “Yes, princess, I found you at last!
Not Sweet: Calling 10 year old Disney stars “pop princesses.”

2.Very close talking.
Sweet: Psych (as shown above) and those scenes in Prince of Persia where Dastan starts talking really soft and quiet and his fake accent is so lovely and the pitch is so nice to listen to that you can’t even remember what he was saying, but it doesn’t matter because of the way he said it.
Not Sweet: Very close talking with peanut butter, ketchup, or ranch dressing breath.

3. Anything Charles Dance says.
Sweet: His portrayal of the Phantom.
Not Sweet: Christine in that movie. Two-faced hussy. I want to slap her.

4. Your name, a nickname, or last name.
Sweet: Using any of the above to show that your name is on their mind a lot.
Not Sweet: Your mother using your full name as a means of expressing her displeasure with you.

5. Anything Richard Armitage says.
Sweet: Seriously, this man could read a phone book. No, better yet, he could read poetry and I’d want to listen! (I don’t love poetry.)
Not Sweet: Robin Hood BBC trying to make him a bad guy and then finally bringing him to the side of justice only to kill him off. I just gave spoilers because there’s nothing I could ever do to “spoil” Season 3. It’s a travesty. I hate it.

6. Singing.
Sweet: This song.
Not Sweet: This song. Okay, that was sneaky. Andy’s song may not be sweet by itself (although he’s still hilarious and I like him) but that whole setup was actually a really sweet Jim/Pam moment. Therefore, indirectly, that silly song was very sweet. ;)

It feels weird ending on 6, but I have nothing else to offer right now. Plus, this is already kind of late in the day. Publish! Publish! Publish! :)



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