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Project Hair Grow

Be wary: Image laden post.

This post will be pretty much useless to your life, but if you’re like me you might enjoy looking at other people’s hairstyles. If not, don’t mind this update. ;)

The story of my hair is as follows. I never got it cut beyond trims here and there, and then bangs for a year between eight and nine. My hair was stringy and curlicued most of the time. Observe…

In my mid-teen years I had my first real style, which was little more than a shoulder-length cut and some layers. But to me it was a big deal.

Turned 18 and thought an even shorter cut might make me look older. It did, but it also scared mum because I gave her no warning. I got it cut short, let it grow and then chopped it again for Europe, like so…

I really do like it longer when it’s straightened.

Right now it’s at a middle stage. Somewhere between medium and short. At least, in my estimation it’s short.

I like it, but I miss the length. I miss being able to do crazy things with my abundance of hair. When it was longer I could do it up in elaborate period styles and twists.  It looked really good straight. But straightening takes a considerable amount of time, and I’ve read consistent use of flat irons will fry my hair. Still, there are products for that, and I want it long again.

These are a few of my ideal hairstyles that keep me from running to the “chopping block.”

Oh yes, and I want to try that red. Also, black.

As long as I can keep it from stringy ringlet curls that make me look infantile, I’m happy. So anyway… that’s that. News on my hair. So thrilling.


11 thoughts on “Project Hair Grow

  1. Your hair is pretty at any stage! I know how you feel, though; I am SO eager to have my hair get longer so I can do fun things with it again. I love having short hair, but long hair is just… more fun to play with. Also, less mornings waking up with crazy bedhead.

    I want to try that red, too! Sigh.

    1. Thank you! Ha, Exactly! And my hair hasn’t been long since I was fairly young. Now that I have a few idea about how to manage curls better (conditioneeeerrr) I want to try. :)

      It’s so pretty… pretty, pretty red. :D

      1. Yes, conditioner helps. A lot. It’s only been… um… less than a year since my hair was really long. And I already miss it. Although I chopped it off when I was sixteen and it was generally shoulder length until I decided to chop it.

        It is. Gorgeous.

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