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Dear Mind Botherer

Letter Challenge Day Nineteen – A Person Who Pesters My Mind

Dear Me,

You pester my mind more than anyone. *poooooooooooooooke* Cut it out!

I can’t read anything without your thoughts bouncing all over the place. By the way, your question to me, “Where is my Little Beth story?” was a good one. Also, where is a really good Erik/OC story that is historically believable? Why can’t you find one? I pester my own mind with wondering. I would write them myself, but there are too many projects underway. You know that. Why can’t you focus??

Why can’t you finish a story, self? Why do you lie awake at night and analyze everything until you’re exhausted? Why can’t you work up the courage to just say hello to people you know? Why can’t you figure out how to read a map or follow street signs?

You pester me a lot, me. This chapter isn’t perfect. That dialogue wasn’t realistic enough. You could have handled that situation better. You could have avoided the situation altogether. You show too much emotion. You’re not sympathetic enough. You can’t sing very high, you can’t sing very low. Why can’t you fix this? Why can’t you learn this? When is your room going to get cleaned?

Why is it that you can get things done on your own, but the minute you’re told to do something, it’s like pulling teeth? Finish your books, finish your writing, finish your knitting, finish packing, finish the laundry, finish the dishes… Ooo! I wonder who invented the dishwasher!! (Josephine Cochran, 1886) Why are you hungry? What’s the last thing you ate? Break for food!

Can you accomplish this? Is it worth the work and stress? Do you have any real talent? You disappoint people. But God lifts you up, God makes you strong… God, please can things happen now? Modicum is a great word. Find a sentence to put it in.

Why are you still writing this? Put a picture to it, publish, and write something else!

You torment me,


Photo edit by the amazing Phil. Not me. I have not the skills.


4 thoughts on “Dear Mind Botherer

  1. (This is Lara). I definitely discovered your blog the other day (since I deleted my profile temporarily and have to use Evan’s to stay in touch with the world) and LOVE it! It’s so fun to read. You make me want to blog too!

    This post is great—exactly how I feel about writing. The last thing I “completed” was probably four years ago.

    1. Well it’s marvelous fun to have one! I love that it makes me take random thoughts and make them into something relatively organized. If you get one, let me know because I definitely want to follow you! :)

      The one thing I was able to “finish” has turned into a massive project of editing. It’s not even recognizable as the same story–which is good because it was my first, and not that great. :P

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