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How To Be Eccentric

How To Be Eccentric; A Guide On Casting Off Societal Norms That In All Probability Are Weighing Down Your Awesome

1. Be eclectic, not popular.

Be choosy! Expand your resources! Use the “related videos” section on YouTube as often as you can! Listen to music because you like it, not because it’s constantly blasted on the radio. Those are just a couple examples, but they’re a good start. ;)

2. Use proper English.

Not many people really bother with this anymore. Even moderately educated people have been lured into the world of text-speak. If you talk like a Victorian, you will gain an even greater aura of eccentricity. See that word? It was quite large. I’m being eccentric by using it in the proper context and also spelling it correctly.

3. Love history.

Know thy roots. Not the roots you find when your hair dye gets washed out. Learn from the past, and less will be doomed to repeat it.

4. Care more about what’s on the inside than for outward appearances.

Crazy, right? A Styrofoam cup may look bleh compared to a plastic one with glitter paints and marker doodles, but what if the plastic cup is empty and the Styrofoam one filled with the best beverage you can think of? Hmmm??

5. Don’t be obsessed with Twilight or any of its sequels.

Your life will go on. I promise. Also, you will obtain the status of mental adulthood and be less likely to enter an abusive relationship.

6. Do something useful and selfless.

Knit baby hats, or give food to needy families.  Sacrifice your free time to teach a child to read. Save a puppy from neglect. Pick up litter… do something! People today are so wrapped up in SELF that they forget all about OTHERS. If you want to stand out, put others first.

7. Laugh at yourself.

You’re slightly late for a job interview and on your way in you step on a piece of gum. Furthermore, your brand new briefcase falls to the ground and gets smudged while prospective employees are walking past, staring at you. Initial reaction… go! Swearing? Wrong. Chucking the free shoe at an ogler? Nope. Laugh! Because even fake laughing makes you happy! It’s a proven fact! And you know it’s funny. You’d laugh if it was someone else in that situation. So laugh at yourself!

8. Like the French.

I had it from a very reliable source that one shouldn’t be offended by the French and their reception of others because they don’t even like each other. So if you like the French, you’ll be eccentric even in France! Woo! :P

9. Read the book before you see the movie.

I admit, I barely do this anymore, if only because books are made into movies these days almost as soon as they’re published. Still, it’s a good challenge! And you know you want to be that one person the theater booing loudly! “BOOO!!! BOOO!! THEY DIDN’T KISS THEN!! BOOOO, THAT’S NOT CHRONOLOGICALLY SOUND!! BOOO!!” :D Such fun.

10. Be an unashamed Christian.

Sadly, today, this makes one very eccentric. In an age of supposed “tolerance” the only religion people can’t stand to hear about is the one this country’s principles were founded on. You want to stand out? Be a Christian, and be proud. :)

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek. Romans 1:16



5 thoughts on “How To Be Eccentric

  1. “Know thy roots. Not the roots you find when your hair dye gets washed out.”


    “Also, you will obtain the status of mental adulthood and be less likely to enter an abusive relationship.”

    Those made me giggle. :D

    And the last one? Definitely the best.

  2. Love these!

    2. What language are you people speaking? Oh, right – English! Show it some respect, then.

    5. Twilight has caused much silliness in the world and has reduced girls to ridiculous vampire-lovers. Might I point out that vampires are evil?

    9. I’ve always been a BIG supporter of reading books before watching movies. I don’t even watch many movies, actually, because I prefer books. Literature just… has something special, something that cinema lacks.

    1. I always find it interesting how a lot of other countries teach English in their schools. It makes me stop and say, “Wow, I wish Americans learned English in school!”

      I remember when vampires were evil! And a vampire book/movie was synonymous with monster movie. Now they’re more like cheesy romance comedy. Sad. So very sad.

      Me too!! I do watch a lot of movies, but they’re never as good as a book. Except for The Count of Monte Cristo. The book was good, but I liked the story tweaks in the film. *blush* Yeah. But that’s the only exception!

      1. Well, Americans do learn English in school. But apparently it’s not enough.

        And if you look in a dictionary, it’ll probably have the word “evil” in its definition. Mine did.

        I never read The Count of Monte Cristo, but it’s a good friend’s favorite book of all time, so I do plan on reading it eventually. Which film was it (assuming there was more than one) that you liked?

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