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Project Hair Grow – Month 2

Because my hair really is that important.

I got a trim today. A lot of places in our area are having Cut-a-Thons to help find a cure for breast cancer. If you donate a minimum of $5, you get a free haircut! Since I’m growing my hair out I didn’t want to go crazy with the chopping, but all my layers were getting to those annoying middle stages where you can’t do anything with them and they’re just… there. Plus, getting rid of split ends is good. It feels nice! The extra layers around my face make it fuller and more even, which is exactly what I wanted. My hair normally sits flat on my head and then curls nice and full at the ends. It needs to be consistent.

This is what I looked like today.

Oh yes, and I got my new glasses today which are red and I love! Very excited about that. Prepare to rest, contacts!!

I have remained steadfast in my decision to not chop my hair. Today was the first major test and I’m glad the stylist didn’t make it difficult on me. Sometimes those ladies say, “Okay” like they’re listening and then you blink and half your hair is on the floor. But this one was great. She even explained what she was doing at each step so that I could trust that she was capable and had her ears open.

That’s that! Stay tuned for more of the most exciting posts you’ve ever read… “on the top of me ‘ead!” Woohoo!



2 thoughts on “Project Hair Grow – Month 2

  1. I love the feeling of freshly trimmed hair. My layers are at that “just there” stage right now, and I desperately need to refresh them. Hehe. I’ve decided to grow my hair out as well, funny enough! We can encourage each other not to chop it all off. ;)

    You look pretty, by the way. (And I’m jealous that your hair is so much longer than mine right now.)

    1. Ah, it’s nice, isn’t it? I also seem to be more liberal with the conditioner when I have layers. Because in my mind, conditioner is for ENDS and if you have less ENDS, you use less product… yeah. :P Good show! We’ll do that! :)

      Aw, thank you! It’s funny, but whenever I had short bangs I felt my hair grew too fast. Now that I’m growing it out, it seems to take FOREVER!

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