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Sweet Talkin Saturday: Lady

Ooo, a distinctly guy-to-girl one! Haven’t done one of those in a while… if ever.

Every woman wants to be treated as a lady. Or they/we should at least, because that’s what we were made for. To be ladies. I think it’s great when guys pick up on that and use the word confidently. If it’s not said in confidence, it comes out like Les from Newsies; [pitiful cough] “Buy me last pape’, lady?”

I actually think it’s rather comically sweet when a person of the male gender walks into a room occupied by a group of girls and says, “Llllllladies.” :D (Unless I’m inclined to dislike the guy, in which case nothing he does is ever right. I can be brutal that way.)  I’ve been witness to that scenario once or twice and it made me giggle. Heheh. And you know, making me giggle is one step closer to making me laugh which gets you lots of points in the Beth Book of Yer Alright Lad. Hey, I just made that up! Catchy!

This word of cuteness came up while I was watching… um… well, it was a show… and… someone on there said it…. and… okay, FINE! ITWASONSONNYWITHACHANCE ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!??! Yes, that show has some surprisingly cut stuff in it. I can’t help it; I like stupid cute. Point being, the Chad Dylan Cooper character uses our word of the day creatively and it’s nice. For example, he’ll stop filming mid-scene and yell, “CUT! M’lady’s on the set!” as he rushes over to her. Or… “Can’t you see m’lady is sick!?” I can’t find a small enough clip to show you just one of those examples. But it’s really cute, I promise! :P

I can hear this in my head as a letter’s opening, too. As in, “Dearest Lady…” Was that in a movie that I can’t remember? Hm. Nicodemus Boffin of Our Mutual Friend calls his wife “me old lady” and they are the cutest old couple just about ever.

Conclusion: I wouldn’t mind being called lady.



4 thoughts on “Sweet Talkin Saturday: Lady

  1. The “Dearest Lady” reminds me of either Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility.

    I wouldn’t mind being called Lady, either. It’s cute and charming and rare. :D And when I’m old, I hope my husband calls me “me old lady” because I think it’s adorable.

    1. I guess I’ll just have to watch aaall the period films I’ve ever seen to find out. :D

      Me too!! :) I don’t even mind when my brothers call me “woman.” It’s cute when they tease. “Make me sammich, woman.”

      1. Oh, won’t that be torturous. :D I want to watch Pride and Prejudice now… (and I meant the BBC 5-hour version.)

        Hehe, yes. I also have a guy friend who uses “ma’am” when talking to me (and other girls, I guess) and I like it. Although most girls protest that it makes them feel old or condescended to or something. I think it’s polite. And sort of charmingly Western/cowboy-ish.

      2. Is there any other version? If so, I refuse to acknowledge it. ;)

        Awww! I think that’s cool! Hehehe. Like in Oklahoma; “Please ma’am, marry me?” I always thought that was cute. :D

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