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20 at 2:00 in 2010

Twenty years ago at roughly 2:04 in the morning, I was born.


1 week old Beth



Twenty years ago. That picture was taken twenty years ago! That’s two decades! How in the world does this happen??

God is amazing. It’s only by His careful preservation of me that I’ve made it this far. I’m the girl who can get a paper cut from a receipt, fall out of any tree, choke on my own saliva, trip on flat surfaces, get abused by ten-year-olds, and still get lost with a map and roadsigns handy. Those are not exaggerations. They have all happened to me. Still do!

Okay, that feeling just came over me again. The one that twists up my stomach and makes my eyes watery. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe the thought of leaving the teen years completely behind me. In theory, I’m rather glad for that. Considering what being a teen means in this culture, I don’t at all mind the general concept of being a Biblical adult. But on the other hand, there’s that sense of something gone; lost in the past as only memories. Well, not only memories! Some of the best memories I’ll have took place over the period of time that I spent in my teen years. I went to Europe, graduated high school, started four or more stories, went to Phantom, saw an opera, entered some writing contests…

Here are 20 things I learned this year in no significant order.

1. Jobs are stupid hard to come by.

2. I can speak survival French. Enough to eat and figure out where the toilets are.

3. Secrets between best friends are not acceptable. Unless they’re temporary and you say, “I have a secret you can’t know just yet.” This falls under the category of “surprises” and is therefore alright.

4. If directions become too involved, I zone out.

5. The Bible has amazing historical context.

6. I’m very socially awkward.

7. I am able to hear my recorded voice without plugging up my ears and running away.

8. I’m more prone to blushing than I thought.

9. Some kids learn better when you don’t give them too much help.

10. Everything can be a musical.

11. I can be quite the texting queen when I have the right people to talk to and a phone with a qwerty keyboard.

12. I’m slow to change, but when forced to I adapt well.

13. The Eiffel Tower is overrated.

14. Jonathan Edwards is probably my favorite reformer.

15. First impressions are never enough.

16. I often feel responsible for things I have no control over.

17. I feel things deeply but have a tendency to hide that fact with sarcasm and humor.

18. I sleep better on couch cushions than air mattresses.

19. Secret’s Coco Butter Kiss deodorant is AMAZING.

20. There can be a fine line between learning from the past and holding a grudge.


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