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Googley Woogley

Say it. Go on, say it.

“Wow, Beth. Real mature.”

Like I know, right?

Want to know something funny? Of course you do. I get the most views from the search term “Fred and George Weasley.” Second highest is “Fred Weasley” and the third is “Emmy Rossum.” I also get a lot from Prince of Persia fan fiction searches and “Elijah Wood.” Have I ever mentioned him? Ever? Oh… once I think.

Here’s a fun little chain game (like a chain gang, but less Miserables) that I picked up a while back from somewhere I don’t remember.

Google Me! Or iGoogle or I Googled Me. Whatever tis your wish to call it. The gist of the thing is that you type in the phrase with your name and see what Google gives you. I’m alternating with Beth and Bethany because one is technically my name and the other is what I type by 98% of the time.

“Bethany does” pose a set of issues…
[I dooo.]

“Beth looks like” Gambit from X-Men pictures.
[The next one says “Beth looks like a dude.” :P]

“Bethany eats” A GOLDFISH :D :D
[Naaooooww!! I don’t even like normal seafood!]

“Beth needs” to go back to school.
[Oh shut up! I want to travel and write, okay? I’m an artist!]

“Bethany wants” loved ones but wants to take it slowly.
[I think someone has ‘loved ones’ and ‘lovers’ mixed up.]

“Beth yells” Dammit!
[Must have been the angst talking.]

“Bethany said” about the ordeal that, “Once it hit me, I could hear bubbling and sizzling in my skin.”
[Aw, man, this is about that one girl who spilled acid on herself to bamboozle a bunch of folks out of money!! :( I don’t like her having my name.]

“Beth spills” is on Facebook.
[Apparently, it’s a last name.]

“Bethany bites” the Bullet.
[I can catch bullets between my teeth!? How Davey Crockett of me!]

“Beth listens” as Patrick Jones speaks.
[It was a “Mary Beth” actually, listening to a creepy-looking guy talk about library teen services.]

“Bethany has” landed.
[…”If you looked into my brain you would see millions of Bethany’s running around, bumping into each other.” True that.]

Ya’ll know you want to do it too. ;)



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