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Missing in Action

This is a post full of excuses. I’ve neglected you, poor abandoned blog, and that makes me sad, but no less busy.

That sentence had a lot of commas. They bug me but I think they need to be there nonetheless.

As I was saying, I’m so busy! Aaah! I pulled out my hand written journal to document my birthday week, but things kept happening faster than I could write them out in detail. This week I’m doing so many little projects that… well, let me just list them so you know what my blog and challenge letters are up against.

I’m trying to finish three one-shots: Tierelyss, The Baffling Case of Emma Browne, and a secret project; edit a chapter in Turnings, finish a chapter in Secret Fan Fiction (not official title–I promise) and write Chapter 2 of Wind Blessed. Sheesh.

And HEY!! I got a job!! At least, I’m pretty sure I did. It all happened so fast! First I was sitting alone at a table eating a bagel at Panera’s, wanting to run away forever because of extreme nervousness at the thought of the impending doom that was my interview, and next I’m in a cozy corner of the cafe, sitting on a very plush leather chair and before I know it the interview is over and the manager’s saying, “You can breathe now” and he’s writing times for training on a catering menu! Whaaat! I’m so excited! Bread is my favorite food! Any baked carbs! And now I get to work all the time in a bakery/cafe! YES!! But now I need to shop for polo shirts. I got rid of all mine years ago because they make me look even more like a kid than I usually do. :P Anyway, point being, having a job will be wonderful, except for having less and less time to write!

I went to a soccer game today! There’s a costume party on Saturday I definitely want to go to. That means I need to put together a costume. It’s my breakfast shift tomorrow. At least I finished my ballots so those can be turned in. I need to send a thank you card to friends from church. My room is still/again a disaster. Next week I have my first day of job training and am going to a Celtic Thunder concert!!

Also a very exciting event took place tonight in a whirlwind of amazing circumstances that will require me to inform my father about some holiday plans and beg for his blessings upon them. For I intend on taking advantage of my new “Biblical adulthood” and saying, “Well, dad. I’m going. I hope you’re okay with this. Because I’m going.” :P It worked for Europe! :D

So. Two of these writing projects are optional really, because they don’t have other people waiting on them. They’re just for fun because I thought of them and was like, “Ooo! Write it, Beth!” Or rather, le muse, Almaund said “Write this, wench!” I think maybe I’ll post a snippet of each and you can give thoughts on which one deserves to be worked on more. Possibly I can give one up for now.

The Baffling Case of Emma Browne

Excerpts from the honorable Dr. Lynsford’s Diary
November 1844 – May 1845

My new patient was brought in by the police, screaming like a savage and wearing men’s clothing. I do not think this is a case of mistaken identities for she seems to know she is a woman despite the confusion of dress. She claims to be a Miss Emma Browne of —–Street, though no record of any Brownes residing in that area can be found, and no one I have interviewed remembers ever seeing her before.

In short, there is no record of her or any of her family’s existence.



Torin was feeling the least bit celebratory of all those attending his engagement banquet. His betrothed was beautiful, to be sure, but cold as the cellar’s stones. She was perfect for a young king, his uncle said; so respectful and quiet and proud. Yes, perfect indeed, all his advisors confirmed, and an alliance was made through letters and documents with impressive looking signatures in a rush so mad that Torin could hardly say how it all came about. Now he was sitting in the large banquet hall, drumming his fingers noisily on a gold-threaded tablecloth and making several servants nervous with his scowling.


Those are by no means the final stages of first paragraphs. Very non-edited. Non-beta’d as they’d say on the FP/FF sites. Do either of those sound the least bit interesting to anyone other than myself? I guess you should know that Tierelyss is a fantasy. Also, both one-shots are planned from beginning to end (as far as plot goes) in my head. It’s just writing them that I can’t find the drive for. And I notice I have a fondness for writing about arranged marriages. I simply find it comforting to know my characters are already stuck with each other and their only choice is to learn how to get along. :P That’s the fun part. ;)

I hope my absence isn’t too lengthy, but I’m quite short of time these days and have very little to spend for even my most beloved pursuits. :(


P.S. We watched the newest version of Sense and Sensibility again which is quite lovely, though often a bit on the “sensibility” side to prevent it form being a perfect Austen movie. I almost subscribed to another WordPress blog for their period drama reviews but they had too much praise for the Romola Garai Emma. I don’t like it much. I don’t like that take on Emma. She’s too uncivilized. Furthermore, that Mr. Knightley is very short. I don’t hate that production. No, I learned what hate is when I saw Kiera Knightley try to chin-jut her way into the ranks of period drama heroines through a terrible assault on the character of Elizabeth Bennet. There are moments of that Emma I liked… the music was lovely… but yes, I refused to subscribe to a blog simply for praising it too much. I’m quite a stubborn little thing.


2 thoughts on “Missing in Action

  1. Ooh both stories sound interesting! I personally want to read the Emma Browne one. Right. Now. I didn’t realize you were in the midst of writing so many stories!
    I’m so happy for you getting the job, dear. It sounds like a fun one too!
    I admit I am jealous of your costume party and Celtic Thunder!! That’ awesome…are you going to divulge what these holida plans might be? Or only once you’ve got the go-ahead? :)

    1. Hehehe. I’ll see what I can do. And maybe post one of the *secret* projects when I finish them. ;)
      You’re invited to the costume party too, aren’t you!? Or are you not coming? :( *pokes Facebook events*
      Weeeell… Sara’s family maaaay have ordered tickets for us to go see Phantom in Las Vegas in January. AAAAHHHH!!! *shivers of excitement* But it was done very quickly and before there was time to ask permission from dad. “Better to ask forgiveness than permission.” ;P

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