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Sleeping Beauty – in purple

Last night I went to a costume party. Fyi, this is as involved as I get with Halloween. Okay, so I did participate in a singing project for Sweeney Todd, but I mean as far as dressing up and doing creepish things on the actual day is concerned, I don’t.

It took me a while to figure out a costume. I had two and a half days to come up with something, and I don’t like going as some general thing. For example, Victorian lady is no fun unless I can give a character name too. Also, I’m shockingly uninspired sometimes and need reference pictures to put a look together.

At first I was going to wear the blonde wig my best friend keeps on hand for me and be Taylor Swift in a fun mockery kind of way, because it’s a very ME thing to do.

I will do this. Someday this will be my costume.

But bestest friend wanted to go in a medieval gown, and I wasn’t sure how many people would be coming in authentic kind of costumes, so not wishing to make her look alone I switched to Sleeping Beauty; basing it all on a dress she and her mother made for me a few years ago.

And no, the dress was not made to be a Sleeping Beauty dress. But I made it so anyway with the accessories–or I tried. Sara (best friend) did my hair, and as I wasn’t feeling adventurous enough to wear the blonde wig out (Someday! SOMEDAY!!) I went as “Five Years Later Sleeping Beauty.” Apparently, age wizened her into a brunette. ;P

Then I got home (after changing back into my jeans in the car) and realized I had no pictures of the full gown without the cape. So I shimmied back into the lavender gown. Which, by the way, makes full arm movement impossible.

Sorry about the background. I had to borrow my mother’s room because mine still looks like a disaster area and I have no cool places to photo shoot. I hate the yellowy color the lamp in her room makes my skin appear so I tried some editing tricks that only sort of worked. Also, I was too tired to set up the tripod, so my six year old sister took the pictures for me. :)

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday full of … being alive. ;)



7 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty – in purple

    1. I wish I could edit my comments. I wasn’t done. :D I have always wanted to dress up as Belle… because Beauty and the Beast is my favorite EVER. I think someday in the future we ought to have a Disney costume party and meet that way. It’d be epic.

      1. But stealing is wrooong. ;) I take comfort in the fact that it would be of no use to you. Except to look at…

        Hehehe. Mine too!! I never have to think about the question “What’s your favorite Disney?” It’s always been–and always will be–Beauty and the Beast. :D But alas, her ballgown is not my favorite. I love it! But I’d love even more to see a slightly paler yellow and tamer ruffles. :)

        So I guess I could stick with Sleeping Beauty! Yaaay!
        This is what I REALLY want to do:

        I know it’s… not Disney. But STILL! Sooo pretty!!

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