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Project Hair Grow – Months 3 & 4

I think Mara and I are accidentally sharing brain waves. Just this morning, around 6:45am, I was thinking about how long it’s been since I made a hair post and that I should do one. Then I get a present in my inbox when I get home from work, showing that she’s done hers today! Huzzah!

Thing is, I wear my hair up all the time for work now, so I forgot to keep track of its length. Luckily, Mum required some birthday photos for the wall of children and I do have a picture of my hair from November.

There you go. November.

I realize that my head is tilted, so that’s sort of cheating, but since my hair is also unreasonably curly there, I’m going to say it evens out.

It hasn’t really visibly grown since then, but I did get it dyed on Thursday which was the 2nd of December, so I’m counting it as picture-worthy.

I really like it black. And yes, this is the first time I’ve gone true black. I’ve done a few versions of red, but this was much less streaky. My bestie also made sure to catch my elusive blonde streak so that it didn’t stand out like a Browncoat in a bar. (Supermegauberawesomepoints to anyone who catches that reference without prompting. ;))




4 thoughts on “Project Hair Grow – Months 3 & 4

  1. love the hair!! and i get the reference. :) do you watch Castle? I just love it when they make a Firefly reference in there.

    1. Yaaay!! I love you for knowing that! :D I used to watch Castle quite regularly and like most of my show watching I slipped behind. I loved what I saw, though! I should start from where I left off. :)

  2. I like the black hair! I think we ARE on the same wavelength, because I have been planning to dye my hair darker for a while. I was going to buy a box of dye this week.

    And your hair is SO much longer than mine… it’s not even fair.

    1. Ooo, nice! I really like it, too. People have been saying it makes me look older… which is grand when I don’t associate that with my not-as-cheerful days. “NO, I just look somber! Leave me alone!” :P

      Well I did start this growing out project much later than my last haircut. So that’s kind of cheating. ;) Do you feel better yet?

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