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iWrite …or do I?

Came home from church. Am in love with new fingerless gloves. Took some superhero pose pictures with terrible lighting and no background to speak of just for the fun of it. These gloves make my hands look pretty. They also make me feel powerful… and creative.

Sat down to write!! Hello, documents! It’s been so long!

Had every intention of writing pages upon pages of my fantasy novel, but decided to transfer written notes of a one-shot into its appropriate document instead. Got distracted with the one-shot.

This makes me giggle… (And yes, I wrote it. I’m quite fond of how it’s going. It has not been altered or edited from its original form, so mistakes are sure to be present.)

His betrothed was dancing the minuet with the precision and emotion of a pendulum. Right on cue, as always. Dancing with each political figure as was expected for just the amount of time that was deemed appropriate; no more, no less. She smiled at every jest and frowned on each shared misfortune. How it irritated Torin. He hadn’t ordered a puppet to dance about on a string. He hadn’t ordered a wife, either, but it seemed he was to have one.

And then, of course, I come here to post about being distracted instead of writing. I’m so pathetic.

Alright, back to work! I love being a writer!


11 thoughts on “iWrite …or do I?

      1. Did you look both ways when you were at intersections? Wear your helmet? Pay attention to traffic? :) Love you too.

      1. That sums it up nicely! Although you have to admit, riding in my bike basket would be totally fun! Up until the part where I had to make a sharp turn or hit a pebble.

    1. Of course! Just give me your name, three favorite colors, favorite shape, astrological sign, date of birth, credit card number and social security! $299 only, with the purchase of matching gloves. :D (Does not include shipping & handling.)

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