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I did it! I did something I haven’t done in such an excruciatingly long time.

It’s a… what’s that word again?

Undermined! No. Usurped? Certainly not. Upended? Upchuck? Upheaval? Upholstery? Urglegru? Maybe!

Well, anyway, it’s that thing where–when you have an account on Fiction Press or Fan Fiction, you know–you finally get around to typing out the next chapter in one of the stories you’ve posted. Or you post a new story. Or some such wonderful thing. I did that! No, this isn’t a sick joke. It’s there!

Right…. there, see?? —> An Up Word Thing!

Isn’t it pretty?? :) *pets it* Pretty, pretty…


That’s it. That’s the word. I made an update. And. I’m. full. of. JOOOOOYYY!!

By the way, here are the awesome magic gloves that make me a writing superhero.




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