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Of Bleeding Ears and Christmas Cheer

I’m not a fan of Christmas music.

Perhaps I should say I’m not a fan of the Christmas music retail stores are constantly having trickled into our noggins like really sticky ear drops. Much like contemporary Christian music, it all. sounds. the same. On one hand you have the the really soft, crooning ballads or intolerably boring choruses singing at sleep-inducing tempos. On the other hand, you have the overly brassy or jingle-belled tunes, often made worse with a pop melody so obnoxious you want to run out the door scream-singing What’s This?? It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for every single store playing the same kind of holiday music over and over and over for this one season.

I’m really tired of Let it Snow. I don’t want to hear Jingle Bells anymore–especially as a smokey-voiced duet like it’s some kind of jazzy bedroom song. Ew. We Wish You a Merry Christmas is acceptable because everyone knows the words to join in and it has the lines about figgy pudding. ;)  Angels We Have Heard on High is beautiful, but I only ever hear it played overhead by a group of emotionless voices that could put an espresso junkie to sleep. No more!

Now the part you’ve all been waiting for… My own Christmas songs playlist!

*waits for applause*

These are songs that may not be traditionally Christmasy. They could be winter themed or otherwise, or maybe they are Christmas songs that for some odd reason I’ve taken a liking to and believe they don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Ding Dong Merrily On High – There’s a part in the “new” Little Women where the girls don winter things and tramp out into the snow singing this–some of them loud and off-key on purpose. It’s quite joyous and lovely. I wonder why it isn’t sung more often. Most people aren’t even aware of its existence. I like the Glorias.

Kindle My Heart – It reminds me of snow! Twirling in snow! If you did not cry during this movie, I hate you. Okay, not really. However, it remains forever a favorite childhood film.

Peace Shall Come – Hayley Westenra is the other Emmy Rossum. And you all should know by now how I feel about Emmy. Like her, Hayley pretty much can do no wrong. Especially when she writes and sings a lovely Christmasy song.

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again – Bells, sculpted angels, Christine sings it in the snow. Come ON! This is practically a Christmas song already! If not for the direct theme, than for the words and the feel of it. I’m now declaring it as such.

Christine, your father’s dead. Let him go. Happy Christmas. :D

Oh but wait! Who’s that “fatherly” voice at the end?? Is he aliiiive? It’s a Christmas miracle! ;)

The Holly and the Ivy – Yes, I prefer my Christmas songs to be set to creepy, atmospheric musical scores. These singers have accents. They automatically win. This is over seven minutes long, but it’s deliciously creeptastic and has my favorite woman-in-white-wail-singing! So give it a listen!

Laaaady Laaura Glyde! I wish to know why Andrew Lloyd Webber doesn’t come back and touch this up for the stage again rather than trying to force that blasted sequel on them that don’t want it! *huffs* I love the lead women. I love Michael Crawford in this. I love Walter Hartright. I love the musical narrative. I love the emotional angry singing. I read the book by Wilkie Collins and loved that, too.

All I Want For Christmas is You – I recently decided I actually like this one. Except… it’s already starting to play a little too often in stores. Darnit! I’m sort of a snob about this song… I don’t love Mariah Carey’s version. It’s not upbeat and “normal” enough to where you want to sing along in the store. It’s too waaaooohohwohwohaoooohooo all over the place singy. :P There’s a darling little girl who sings it adorably, but she sings it to her “daddy” instead of “baby” which defeats the purpose in my mind. Thus far, this is my favorite version, here…

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Only very lovely voices can make me even tolerate this song. The best make me like listening to it. Emmy Rossum, Katie Melua, Judy Garland… they can sing this. Their voices make me want to cry. In a good way.

The 12 Days of Christmas – Any version that is not the original. Of course the Phantom one is my favorite, although Scrubs has quite a nice one as well.

Unfortunately, the end sync goes off. But you get the idea. :)

Baby, It’s Cold Outside – I luuurve Zooey’s voice for this song. <3 And it gets in my head when I head off to work in the morning.

People with pretty voices need to sing Christmas songs more. If Hayley Westenra, Emmy Rossum, Josh Groban, and Jodi Benson sang all the Christmas songs that ever played, I wouldn’t mind the repeats half so much. But I’ve really had it up to HERE with the hokey choruses. Enough is enough. Does anyone really walk into a retail store and get happier from hearing the poor quality Christmas music? Anyone?

Happy Early Christmas! May your days be full of songs that don’t make me cringe! ;)



2 thoughts on “Of Bleeding Ears and Christmas Cheer


    Hee hee. My local shops alternate Christmas songs with “Hit the Road, Jack” and other goodies :)

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