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Dear First Impression

Deepest apologies for the repost, but I discovered I was completely remiss in the one thing that inspired this post in the first place! Book snippets! So enjoy this freshly done page. Again, I offer my sincerest apologies.

Letter Challenge Day Twenty-One – One I Judged By Their First Impression

Walls have ears.
Doors have eyes.
Trees have voices.
Beasts tell lies.
Beware the rain.
Beware the snow.
Beware the man
You think you know.
Songs of Sapphique

Dear Incarceron,

I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you that you’d be good to me. I’m not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but in some cases I feel justified in doing so.

You were amazing. Those two weeks we shared was like something from another world. I remember repeating your name over and over because of the way it tickled my articulation. Sometimes I see an image of you and I’ll say that name to myself in a whisper to repeat the same feelings that come over me from stroking the cover of a beloved novel.

You looked quite fine on the outside, and I had to try you out. Ooo, you were exciting! Had me wrapped up from the start and kept me thrilled through the end!

Finn had never asked any questions. He’d always been too absorbed in his own agonizing loss, […] in the memory flashes and the fits.

He should have asked.

He should have cared.

Also, I appreciate your pace. You didn’t rush me into a tempestuous billow of complicated changes or drag your feet so I was toiling behind half-sleepy, and still you maintained a delicate mystique. Just as I thought I’d figured you out, you surprised me again with a pleasant new twist. I asked many questions of “Is it…?” and “Could it be…?” and was still excited to have them answered.

Your theme is a deeply rooted truth that I greatly admire the acceptance of. Man is depraved. Whatever else I gleaned from you, I was glad to have this truth acknowledged in such a spell-binding way.

“…or is it that man contains within himself the seeds of evil? That even if he is placed in a paradise perfectly formed for him he will poison it slowly, with his own jealousies and desires? I fear it may be that we blame the Prison for our own corruption. And I do not except myself, for I too am one who has killed and looked only to my own gain.”

My first impression of you was, “That’s going to be a good one.” And you were. Thank you, Incarceron. *whispers* Incarcccceroooon.

The Avid Reader,

Tiny Beth


As a side note, I would just like to compare these two videos.

Exhibit A: Incarceron; dystopian sci-fi futuristic novel

Exhibit B: Sinful in Satin; some stupid romance novel I have no interest in except that the preview video is hilarious.


It has come to my attention through some accidental web clickings that they’re making a movie. Must everything be made into a movie!? Worst of all, Taylor Lautner that abysmal too-tan teen actor is said to be already chosen for the lead. I have ONE thing to say about all this and that’s at 9:10 of this video…


14 thoughts on “Dear First Impression

  1. Hm. Never thought about doing First Impressions on a book! I liked this one though. I did mine today, though. It was bunches of fun anyways..
    Maybe if I ever get to the Library that’s not Owens E-Link… Hahah.

    1. Ooo, I must run to go see it! :) I like these letter challenges. As you can see, I’m frightfully behind, but at least I’m doing *something* again. It feels nice.

      1. I’m super behind, too… but I’m almost done with school for Christmas, so maybe I’ll actually finish it? [The question mark means high doubts.]

        It’s so fun, right? I liked your book one better than mine, but Day 21 is finished, and I can not be happier about that! Plus, I already wrote to Patrick Bowers, so…

  2. Incarceron! I JUST had this book out, but I had to return it about a week ago before I got a chance to read it. I do hope to take it out again, though, because it looked good. (I judge books by their covers, too. ;) ) It’s great to hear that you have such a high opinion about the book – makes me more excited to read it!

      1. Oh, it’s real! I made the mistake of ordering it from the library without seeing the cover and thinking it was a reasonable historical version of Beauty and the Beast. It was … wow. Kind of hilarious. Kind of horrible. NOTHING like any Beauty and the Beast story!

  3. Ooo, I just sneaked a peek at the next challenge, and I’m excited!! Maybe I’ll even start it tonight! Woohoo! :D Let’s duuuu it! It’ll be fun to finish something! I have a daily writer’s question challenge saved for after this! ;O

    I loved your Patrick Wilson one!! Daaaw!! :) Fun indEED!

    1. Yayyy… Hm… Second chances… Alex O’Loughlin! The giver of second chances! Yum. Okay, lets! What should I write to? Well, definitely not peanut butter. Maybe… well… :D :D

      Writer’s Question Challenge… am I brave enough?

      Hahah. Good, I’m super glad.
      Cause I like him, that’s why. :)

      1. Ooo… just waaait. ;) Alex O’Loughlin already featured in my Stranger post. Well, sort of. His face did. :)

        I don’t know if I am! I’m thinking of not starting it. Then I won’t feel bad for not finishing! But that would be sad. Hmmmm…

        Hehhee. As do I, friend. As do I. :D

  4. I’m waaaaaaaiting! I’m excited, seriously! It’s like blog Christmas! Yeah, I can’t write to him, because his show got canceled, so Andy Yablonksi is MIA. His face. Heehee… :)

    We’ll see if I can finish this letter challenge,,, It would be sad, but then, there wouldn’t be any guilt for not-finishing!

    :) I watched him yesterday!

    1. I have so many posts I want to do! Gah! I have the Second Chance one, a super secret protected one, and… uh oh. Did I forget one? NAAAOOOOO!!!!

      That’s true! :) As long as you’re having fun while stretching your writing skills, I’d say it’s aaall good.

      YAAAAY!!! :D

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