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Spew for the Soul

Kitteh brave!

How to introduce such a thing…. oh boy.

My best friend and I are pretty frequent visitors to The Writer’s Coffee Shop. We’re especially fond of the original fiction that involves the abduction of pioneer girls by relatively peaceful Indians. Inevitably, there is romance. They’re usually very funny.

We first discovered this genre when she sent me a new story called “Soyala (Time Of Winter) In My Soul ” in which the MC’s name is Beth. (Perfect, right?) This fictional Beth also exhibits very me/Beth tendencies in being far too pathetic and making the stupidest mistakes with the best of intentions.

One afternoon we had a chapter of it left open on a browser and out of pure boredom I began reading in a waif child voice, pausing for the odd sound effect or the many, many bouts of laughter it produced. When we could breathe properly again, it was suggested that this would make for a wonderful audio book!

Last night I got a new microphone.You see where this is going…?

We really, really loved this story and the author is forever endeared to us. The humor is in the ridiculous way I read it; how I followed the author’s mistakes, commas, lack of commas, and ellipses so exactly that I often sound robotic. Okay, and the story is pretty amusing on its own. Also, I made no attempt to pronounce names correctly. I just looked at them and went with words that sounded nearish. :P

This was mostly done in one take. Except for once when I laughed. (Edited out.)

Soyala (Time Of Winter) In My Soul: Chapter 5

Text Companion (original text)

Password is chista.

Thank you, Tonia. Thank you many times over.


P.S. I don’t believe anyone will stay for the whole chapter. If you do, that’s…well, frankly, that’s amazing.

“It was such a look that I had to look away.


8 thoughts on “Spew for the Soul

    1. Oh, the password is: chista

      I’m not sure why I put a password on it. I think I saw the option and was like, “heh, cool beans!” And I love the MC’s name. :P Cheeeestaaah!

      1. Ha! You have a lovely voice and would be great reading aloud even for something serious… but this was hilarious. The robotic tone + the ridiculous character names = guaranteed laughter.

        Also, I loved your male voices. They were great.

      2. Aw, why thank you! That’s very sweet. :) I do love to read aloud. This whole chapter process takes so darned long to edit, though. Humph. Hehehe. It’s so much fun!

        Thanks. :D

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