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Cutesy Music Videos With Stick Drawings

I think the title speaks for itself. But I’ll speak anyway.

Sometimes I indulge in disgustingly cutesy girlish things, like watching stick drawing “animations” of lovey-dovey pop songs. If that sentence made your stomach turn, you should run screaming with battle axe in hand NOW. Quick, before it’s too late!!!

These are some of my favorites.

Raindrops – Regina Spektor

Sentimental Heart – She & Him

Yellow – Coldplay

Catch Me – Demi Lovato

Laura Marling – Alas I Cannot Swim


2 thoughts on “Cutesy Music Videos With Stick Drawings

    1. I’m replying so late to this! But I’d love to watch yours if you do end up making it. :)

      Happy New Year to you as well! It feels so strange saying/typing 2011. We live in the future!!

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