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I Call It Clean

Remember this post?


From October???

I didn’t finish cleaning my room then. I got about halfway through and was too exhausted to go on. It’s now a new year, and I’ve finally done it. (With help from the little sister. ;) )

It’s not perfect. But compared to what it was, it’s pretty darned close.

…and no little accomplishment, considering I took about ten full bags of clothes out to be donated.

In case you’re curious, that looks like this…

Imagine all that…but everywhere. On the floor. I had to sort it all. As well as the clothes coming out of the dryer, it being laundry day. So yes, I’d say I had an accomplished and productive day! Now to have a toasty poptart! :D



3 thoughts on “I Call It Clean

  1. Oh my goodness you have a floor!!!
    It’s funny, because January 4th was when I started to completely rearranged and organize my room. (I finished yesterday) It’s so nice to actually have floor space to walk on, instead of a sea of clothes and random junk that I haven’t really felt like putting away.
    Let’s resolve to keep our rooms clean for a week.
    … or maybe just a few hours.

    1. My next step is to clear out the shelf junk so I can redecorate. I want to go with a very restful green. Like this, maybe: http://www.color-hex.com/color/bbcc93
      Or something like it.

      Good idea! Let’s keep them clean for a wee…hm. It might be too late for that. Unfortunately I share a room with 3 sisters. Well, unfortunate to the cleaning aspect of it ;)

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