Reading Gideon – First Pages & Chapter 1

A bit about bookmarks–

Bookmarks are important for two reasons. 1. They hold your place. 2. They draw the eye, reminding you to get back to the book. For me, a bookmark should have the right feel for the book it’s being used in, otherwise I resort to using old library receipts.

This is the bookmark I had in my travel journal which I have decided to now use for Gideon. It has maps and Latin and that aura of an ancient traveling soul. Also, the tassel is red and fun to play with.


For R., L., and I.

Short and sweet. I like it. Even if that’s not proper English. “For… me” is correct. Unless I. is someone’s initial. Ooo, it’s a mystery! ;P


Each chapter does indeed have a title, and even more exciting, they have those “othertitles” that start: In which…

I love those! Howl’s Moving Castle had those! I’m writing a book that has those! In which‘s need to be in books more often. I like them to be a guide for me if I decide to read the book more than once. I can more easily find favorite quotes or key plot turners by the “othertitle” hints. Unfortunately, I think these in which‘s give us a bit too much information. I only read the first page of them because I’m afraid they’ll ruin any potential surprises and then my predictions won’t matter.

To the Reader–

I like the way this author words the note like she was gathering information of actual events and putting it to paper. She makes it seem as if this book is based on another book that was never published, written between 1790 and 1792 called: The Life and Times of Gideon Seymour. Some author’s notes are totally unimaginative and uninspiring, but this one isn’t.

ONE – The Birthday Treat: In which Peter looks forward to his birthday treat and subsequently argues with his father

Peter has a very busy father who never keeps his promises to his son because of work. Peter’s 13 and fed up with the disappointments. He and his father have a fight before breakfast that ends with Peter shouting “I hate you!” I’m sad that no one ate breakfast.

And Peter’s age means that’s a no on the romance. Unless it’s subtle, child-like, looking forward to the future sweetness which will either be adorable or sickening. (Yes, I have a one-track mind.)

It’s set in London and so far I love the writing style! Simple, but lovely.

At this point in my life I’m a Peter’s father. Yes, I’m a jerk and deserve to be hated. Maybe this isn’t the best time to be reading this story… Or maybe it’s the perfect time and will give me insight to how I can overcome my PFS. Peter’s Father Syndrome.


I’ll have to scan the titles again to see how my last one turned out. Aw, alas, I was wrong. There is no “escape” in the titles. I should have picked “predicament.” I see quite a few titles including that word.

My next prediction is that Peter will receive a birthday surprise from someone not his father because they feel bad for him and it will directly lead to his use of the machine.

Until next time!



4 thoughts on “Reading Gideon – First Pages & Chapter 1

  1. Ha! I nearly always use library receipts for bookmarks. I generally place holds on books I want and then pick them up, so they all come with their own little receipts in them.

    I’m fairly certain I. is an initial. Have you ever heard of anyone dedicating a book to himself?

    ‘Each chapter does indeed have a title, and even more exciting, they have those “othertitles” that start: In which…’ I believe the term you seek is subtitles. And speaking of “in which”s, try The End of the Beginning by Avi. It’s short and has pictures, but I love it, and if you read it you’ll probably see why.

    1. They’re so nifty! I have one really pretty bookmark but it’s too heavy to stay in the book which totally defeats the purpose of holding my place. :P So I just keep it to look at.

      Not as of yet… but you never know. Hehehe.

      Subtitles is the technical term, yes, but I wasn’t looking for it. I like calling them “othertitles.” They sound more… whimsical.

      1. Ha, yeah, I have a blue beaded dolphin bookmark that is also completely impractical but looks nice.

        You, my friend, can be the first one. ;)

        Ah, I apologize for being too dense to realize it was intentional.

      2. I should make some kind of bookmark holder for those special ones that have no purpose but to BE.

        Haha! Yes, “I dedicate this book to I… I mean me! I mean… MYSELF! Without whom I would not have written this amazing piece of literature.” :P

        Naw, it’s cool. I coin stuff all the time and confuse people that way. ;)

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