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Reading Gideon – Chapters 2-4

A bit about knitting–

I really wish I could read while I knit. I was thinking the other day about how this fantastic dream could be realized, and I came up with two possible solutions.

1. Find a scientist to surgically attach an extra pair of arms onto my torso. I think it’s a good idea. Not only would it allow me to hold a pair of knitting needles and turn pages simultaneously, but I would also have the ability to slice and package bagels in record time. My job would love me. The downside to this is that the procedure is most likely obscenely expensive. So, nix on the extra arms.

2. Stop reading by hand and eye and listen to audio books. Eeeeeh… no can do. I’m too picky about voices and I need that physical presence of the paper and ink. So unless Richard Armitage did an audio book for every single novel ever written (which is actually the best idea in the whole entire universe) I will continue with my books in hand.

It appears I’m stuck choosing between knitting and reading. Which is a pity, because I always feel like doing both at exactly the same time. Oh well. Shall we move on to the book part? Yes, let’s.

What Happened (In Chapters 2-4)–

Peter’s father’s German housekeeper took him to her old friend’s house in the country to try perking him up. Peter was introduced to cows and children. Ka… oh dear. Is her name Kate? I better make sure… Okay, yes! Kate, the daughter of these friends dragged Peter along to watch her father do things at a lab and play with one of those things that makes your hair stand up on end. I hate those.

The dog, Molly, was spooked when Kate shocked her with the static and she took off in the building. Kate’s dad (Mr. Dwyer) knocked his knee against something and so was unable to chase Molly. He sent the children after her. They got near the anti-gravity machine which was supposedly a wasted effort, and they promptly vanished into nothingness. Then they woke up in the middle of a field.

Some creepy blonde guy watched them from bushes. I thought he was Gideon. But then there was a guy with the anti-gravity machine on a cart who wore a hat and was suspicious and I figured was the evil “Tar Man.” But then one of them ran off with the machine and I thought he was the blonde guy coming out of the bushes… but he said he was Bluebeard/Tar Man/The Guy Who Just Stole Your Only Means of Getting Back Home, and everything was very unclear. Anyway, one of the creepy guys poked Peter’s sneakers and cut a piece of Kate’s long red hair, pondering the financial benefits of selling the rest if he chopped it. Peter protested loudly which makes me think there’s hope for a romance after all. No 13 year old is that concerned about a girl losing her hair unless there’s something going on.

Anyway, Peter passed out. Kate woke up and screamed at her chunk of hair being gone. Peter woke up, passed out again. Then they were both awake and thirsty and the “young stranger” who must be Gideon watched them and teased them with wolf calls. They ran away. They got thirsty. They decided to sleep against a tree because Peter refused to sleep back to back with a girl. Good for him.

Back home in present day London the police were notified. There’s an inspector who thinks more is going on than a kidnapping. Peter’s dad tried calling him before they left for the lab and missed him by two minutes, tops. Peter’s dad feels horrible. Apparently Peter has a living mother. She doesn’t live in London.

What I Thought About It–

That poor doggie!!!! EVIL KATE TO BE SO CARELESS WITH STATIC!! Bad things happen when you play with electricity! It is uncontrollable and dangerous and should be treated with much fear and respect!!!

Peter needs a new name. There are too many lads named Peter in children’s literature. Kate is fine, I guess. I like her logical nature. Although somehow I feel like I’ve read a story with two characters who behaved in the exact same fashion towards each other.

I wish I could figure out who the heck is who in that dreadful description of the bush-hiding, rock-throwing, wolf-calling, machine-snatching scene.

Gideon is a creepy bum.

I feel terrible for Peter’s father.

What I Think Will Happen Next–

The kids are going to get themselves into some wretched situation which Gideon will save them from. He will offer to protect them with a hidden agenda. The kids will go along with it, seeing no other option. Probably Kate and Peter will argue about trusting him.

The police and parents will continue their investigations. Peter’s father will feel wretched some more.

Past Predictions–

The housekeeper did take Peter to the country because she was sorry for him, and as a result, he was flung into the past. So yay me! I was right!



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