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Riley, are you crying?

A few months back I was really bored. And when I say bored, I mean super bored. The kind of bored that makes me look up random things on YouTube in the futile hope that some mediocre reference from a TV clip will spark an epiphany.

While on this epic journey of discovery, I found a few 9+ minute videos with clips of what the uploaders deemed, “The Best Tearjerker Scenes (Of All Time).”

Some of them made me tear up a little. A few made me go, “Awww.” Most of them made me snort or laugh while I was disappointed by how many of my favorite tearjerker scenes were left out. Thus I compiled a list! (Because I’m too lazy to make a video of them.)

CAUTION: This post contains some movie spoilers. If you have not seen the movies listed and care about key plot elements, please do not read.

-Lord of the Rings (All three movies)
-Toy Story (1 & 3)
-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
-A Walk To Remember
-The Notebook
-Monsters Inc.
-Lilo and Stitch


Not a Flying Toy

My world was shattered when Buzz found out he couldn’t fly. Really. Shattered. For a seven year old that’s a pretty heavy blow. Aaaand yes, sometimes this scene still makes me weepy. It’s BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! If he can’t fly, that means I can’t fly! And if I can’t fly… *lip trembles*



It doesn’t matter that by now everyone should know he’s not gone for good. It doesn’t matter that I’ve seen this scene near fifteen times already. The way it all just stops for a moment while the music kicks in, Frodo’s cry, Sam’s weeping, Gimli’s yelling, and… and Merry and Pippin and they… *bawls*


Don’t You Lose Him Samwise Gamgee
(Otherwise known as The Breaking of the Fellowship)

That recorder plucks the heartstrings. As if Sam’s amazing sweetness wasn’t enough, they had to go and add the recorder with the Fellowship theme!! *sobs* WHHY?? WHY IS SAM SO WONDERFUL??


The Tales That Really Mattered

I should probably just say that anytime Sam opens his mouth, I’m going to cry.


Parting of Merry and Pippin

I relate to these hobbits so much. When Merry and Pippin are split up because of Pip’s stupid, stupid mistake, I can’t help but feel horrible. Because I’d be Pippin.


Frodo Is A Meanie

I have never watched this scene without crying. Never. And if you watch it with me and say, “This is tedious” or “I don’t get it. Why are you crying?” I will smack you and our friendship will be over. I’m not friends with my dad or uncle anymore for saying this scene dragged the movie on too long. You think I’m joking! (Okay, I partly am. But only partly.)


Dear Dobby

Dobby was sweet, surprisingly not annoying, and Harry’s reaction to his demise was far more emotional than Ron’s reaction to Hermione’s torture scene. I knew it was coming. I still cried. I cried lots. I plead Hufflepuff.

Charlie’s Death(s)

I think after the drowning episode is when I took a very long break from Lost. I still haven’t finished it. Hey, there are some things you simply cannot do without repercussions! Like killing off Charlie!!! And no, I do not handle character deaths well. Unless I don’t like the character. In which case, by all means keel them. Keel them both! *cough*gollum gollum*cough*


Landon Thanks His Dad

MAN HUGS! MAN HUGS AND TEARS!! In conjunction with this scene I’d like to make a confession. Shane West is often the image I have of Edward Cullen. With the pouty lips and the adolescent scowliness. Not because he’s “perfect.” The closest guy to “perfect” does not look like a 17 year old boy-man. Noooo. But anyway, if I were to cast Eddie Sparkle-Pants, it’d be him. And that’s as close to a compliment concerning Twilight I can give. Because a guy who acted well enough to make me cry also made me think of a Twilight character. Hm. I think fan fiction has ruined me. I’ve never been so kind before!!


The Notebook

I don’t know what it is with this movie. I know it has a reputation for being one of the most swoony romance movies since Titanic, but like Titanic I don’t understand the appeal. Maybe I need to watch it again. But I did cry a lot at the end.


Kitty Has To Go

I admit, I’m a sucker for cute kids. And monsters. AND I DID NOT WANT KITTY TO LEAVE!!! *SOBS* One night in particular I watched this and The Fellowship of the Ring back to back. My face was very moist that sleep over.


Ohana Means Family…

Yes, more monsters. *tear* I love monsters. (Probably why I like kids so much. :P)


Andy Goes To College

Am I allowed to be in love with Andy? I kind of am. I mean, hey, we grew up together. We have history! The little girl (whose name escapes me at the moment) is adorable and I love her, but what really makes this scene (for me) is Andy. His expressions while discovering Woody at the bottom of the box, and then his reluctance to let him go… *flings self on floor to cry hysterically* I love him!!!

*reaches for tissues* Byyyeee. You must leave me to my tears.



One thought on “Riley, are you crying?

  1. Usually I cry the first time I see a sad scene, but if we re-watch the movie I am okay; I know it is coming. But not when Frodo leaves in Return of the King. Every time I have seen it (which must run in the twenties now), I bawl. and I don’t blame you at all for not being friends with your Dad or U…the nerve…..

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