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Off the Clock

I admit it. Working makes me lazier when I’m not working. If I have to put specific clothes and makeup on every working day, I’m less likely to make a great effort when I’m off. So here’s what I put on when I rolled out of bed yesterday morning to go to church. (It sounds horrible when I say it like that, but I’m making the case that God’s more interested in my heart being true rather than my cozy clothes being fashionable.)

Comfort Components; top to toe

My glasses. L.E.I. Walmart frames. They’re red and I like them for that reason. Also, when I wear them it means I didn’t bother putting contacts in. Which means I don’t necessarily stand in front of the mirror long enough to observe my under eye circles or feel the need to put makeup on. $220+ because of my lenses. The frames were only around $35 of that.

The hoodie. It’s soft on the outside, warm on the inside, and I like to put on my chocolate fragrance on when I wear it because it just fits. I didn’ t pay full price. I’m thinking I got it half off, so to be safe I’ll say it was $15.

The dress. Brown, cotton wrap around thing of absolute comfort. Thrift store find. Bought it Saturday. Wore it Sunday. Marked half off of (rounded)$4. So I paid a grand total of (rounded) $2.

These boots. I could wear them all the time. Except for work, because they’re not grippy shoes and I’d slip on a puddle from dishwater in the BOH and fall onto my back and die. Then I couldn’t work to have the extra money to buy any other casual boots. So I could wear them almost all the time. They’re so cozy and I feel happy in them! I did buy these brand new. But I did not pay full price. ;) $30. Marked down from $60.

Those are they. :)

The tights. Argyle is my love. Yes, I’m nerdy and British schoolgirly. I embrace that, thank you. Got them from Kohl’s, but don’t remember paying for them. I think Mum bought them for me. So $0!! Yay!! (Since they came in a set, I’d say she paid $3 for that one pair.)

That means for the whole slapdash look, I paid about $47. $267 if you count my glasses, but I kind of don’t. They do add to my staying fashionable while comfortably lazy, but they’re also a life necessity, sooo… you be the judge.

I didn’t actually mean for this to be a run down of my whole wardrobe from yesterday. But it happened. So there.

Aaaaand, Mara will be pleased to know, I finally got to Lush. :) I bought some hand lotion (which is too lavendery for me and not fresh/light scented enough) and took home a sample of their 9 to 5 cleansing cream. That I will go back to buy.

As its title implies, it’s perfect for after long work shifts when I need to scrub the makeup off my face without taking my skin along with it. It’s fantastic because it has a very light scent, so I don’t feel like I’m smearing odor on top of my oily face.

There’s an incredibly gorgeous, model-like picture of me putting it on. See, it’s so light you can’t even tell I’m using it!

Makes my skin feel soft and clean. ^.^

In other news, this song was in my head all day today at work. I didn’t sing it out loud. Maybe once. To the cranberry orange muffins I had to leave behind because I’m trying to be good with money.

I just have to say… this song makes me giggly and I would probably love it except for the “romantic” couples referenced, like the John Smith/Pocahontas angle. I’m not going to gripe right now, but they don’t belong in “love story” songs with Romeo and Juliet (who I don’t approve of anyway, though I enjoy the “forsooth” too much to complain). I want to change the names so I can like the song. Can I change the couple’s names? Plleeeeeaaase? We can replace Romeo with Shawn. And Pocahontas and John Smith are now Princess Leia and Han Solo. It makes sense! Vader tried to kill Han! That one time… on Cloud City. :D

I make sense, I really do.



6 thoughts on “Off the Clock

    1. Back of House. :P Our name for anything behind the registers. So the walk in fridge, the freezer, the dish washing area… all that. I was wondering if anyone was going to ask about that. ;)

  1. *sigh* Michael Buble…

    You know, I smelled some of the Lush massage bars, and I don’t like a lot of their scents for lotiony things. They’re weird. But I do like the facial stuff, and I’m glad 9 to 5 is working for you! I’m thinking that once I’m done with Angels on Bare Skin I want to try out a few different cleansers. I mean, AOBS works fine, but I want to just… test the other suggestions before I settle. :D

    Was your Lush store overwhelmingly smelly and beautiful too?

    Also, I like your hair thing. It’s pretty. And your hair is pretty too.

      1. Yes, I think I need a few more samples of lotions before I commit. Hehe. I sound like I’m boyfriend shopping. :P But anyway, I hear the lemony stuff is really nice. I’d like that scent better anyway, I’m sure.

        It *was* overpowering. At first breath I was thinking, “Eeeh…I am not sure about this. Too much SMELL!” but then I sniffed some specific products and it was better. Also, the first thing I saw had the word “Sex” in it and I was like, “Uuuummm…” and I ran straight to the nearest associate and said, “I’m just looking for a facial cleanser and hand lotion!!!” Because I didn’t want her thinking I was *THAT* kind of girl. :P

        Aw, thank you! :) It’s actually a silky scarf I got at a dollar store and wrapped around my head a couple times. I love bargain fashions.

      2. Oh darnit. Forget the thing about the scarf. I was temporarily confused about what post we were on. :P Yes, that was a hair thing I stole from my little sister. Also from the dollar store. Hehehe.

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