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Reading Gideon – Chapters 5-6

A bit about a lot–

All these books… must be read. Some of  them (the library rentals) have due dates and therefore are priority. However, I have a tendency to get involved in books that do not have a due date for returns on them and that distracts me. Since I own Gideon, I really should be reading Sapphique or Remarkable Creatures… but I’m not.

Anyway, this is a fun stack of books to be reading right now. As you can see, I’m not one to stick to one book at a time. I write the same way. Like a schizophrenic.

On a side note, I do not like large print. It makes me feel stupid.

Oh yes, and not that this has any relevance to anything, but I like my hair today. It curled very nicely in just a few seconds of hot ironing.

What happened–

Peter caught a fish. He found Kate looking a little blurry, like a fade out, and he startled her awake, then tripped her to see if she was solid. The kids couldn’t make fire, so they wandered away until smoke alerted them to the presence of another. Gideon introduced himself. He’s blonde with a pigtail. I’m not fond of that. But he does wear a loose white shirt and boots. I am fond of that.

Gideon clears things up by explaining it’s the Tar Man that stole their machine. It’s also the Tar Man that was pursuing Gideon. For what reason, we are not yet told.

Peter slips up again by implying that Kate can’t possibly recognize the valley she lives in and gets yelled at for being a townie. He concedes the point. But mostly he doesn’t want Kate to yell at him.

Back home, in the present, a press conference is held. Detective Inspector Wheeler is no dummy. He has a strange feeling that the kids are perfectly alright, but obviously this does not hinder his investigations. He also has an Edinburgh accent.

Kate discovers they’re near her friend’s house and she scampers off to telephone home. She finds, instead, a small village. Peter’s in denial and decides it’s a film set. Until Gideon tells them the year is 1763 and they can no longer ignore facts. Peter wants to giggle, but sinks down into the dirt instead. Kate repeats the year over and over, hoping it will make sense. Then she faints.

What I thought–

I didn’t know you could pet fishies into a trance for easier catching. And although I don’t really love eating fish, anytime fish breakfast in mentioned in an adventure book, I get really hungry for fish. Hehehe. Peter’s concern for Kate makes me think there is cuteness.

Gideon is not a creepy bum.

The last part of his first words were, “I have, in any case, taken the liberty of cooking your trout.” Why does that make me love him? Even if he is blonde. Haha!! “I do not understand you, Mistress Kate.” Okay, so far I’m keeping him. For his old fashioned ways make me smile. :)

Press conferences and “without a trace” remind me of things having nothing to do with this book.

Okay, I changed my mind. Peter and Kate are no longer an item. Since Gideon is described as fairly young, he shall marry Kate. Yes. Fan fiction writers, avenge me if I’m wrong. :P But seriously, that would make me happy. See, she goes all, *plop* at his feet and then Peter shows his boyish cute concern, but Gideon is the one who scoops her up and takes care of her and… aaaaaaw. 13 and… 20-something? Isn’t that big of an age gap! Less than ten years! They should be married. Not now, but sometime. And then Kate wouldn’t have to ever leave the 18th century! BEST. PLAN. EVER.


I really don’t have any predictions right now. As for my last ones, they were mostly amiss. Kate and Peter didn’t have any trouble falling in with Gideon. But then, he did cook them breakfast so I can’t blame them. Heck, I fell in love with him for how he said he cooked breakfast! Anyway. Not much was said about Peter’s father, but I’ve no doubt he’s still feeling wretched.

anorak — n.
1. a warm waterproof hip-length jacket usually with a hood, originally worn in polar regions, but now worn for any outdoor activity.

Devilish apparition is a wonderful phrase.


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