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Dear Kissed

Letter Challenge Day Twenty-Three – The Last Person I Kissed

Dear Bailey Squish,

You are the most handsomest boy in my life and you deserve to be kissed as often as I can find you close enough to me. I allow you to get away with many things that would be scandalous for any other boy to do, such as diving under my petticoats or pouncing on my red cloak of glorious lushness. If any other boy or man-thing tried pouncing my red cloak, I think they would not survive to speak of it. For you, a brief chiding followed by a face snuggle was all that I felt necessary.

Someday I hope a man will tell me, “Beth, I am jealous of Bailey,” because I’ll know from that he intends on marrying me. Otherwise he’d be a dirtbag and a scoundrel, because you don’t do Bay-Squish things with Beth (as a man-person) unless matrimony is a key element in the proceedings. I mean, goodness me, you are allowed to climb all over me in the mornings before I’ve woken up! I have changed costumes and tried on clothes with you in the room. (I think you were sleeping or hiding under a curtain at the time, but still. Your very presence is telling.) And, yes, I give you belly rubs for many long minutes, and kiss your face, and hold you close to me while I tell you how strong and manly and gorgeous and wonderful you are. Because it’s all true. And I feel no regret for all the smooches I’ve planted upon you. You’re soft to kiss and you smell nice. :)

I miss you, Bailey Squishums and I want to keess you mooooore!! <3


Yes. Bailey Squish is a boy cat. ^.^



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