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In which I shamelessly promote my own writing

Yay, I finished the thing for the contest! :D :D :D

Heeere is the picture:


And heeeere is my entry:


While we’re on the subject, I might as well give you some character reference.

But WAIT!!!

Don’t look at the pictures below until after you read the story, if you plan on reading the story. I don’t want you getting an image stuck in your head. I want these characters to sort of remain as however you picture them while you’re reading. That’s a different approach for me. Usually I’m very specific with character attributes, but not tonight!

I also wanted to keep an air of mystery about the story, and that’s kind of lost if you have a crystal clear image in your mind for everything–that includes what kind of character(s) feature in it–right from the start. So I do urge you to read that thing first.

Anyway… you may scroll down if you wish to see my idea of the female protagonist… (Unless you already scrolled down to see the pictures first thing, in which case you are an impatient ruffian and I must chide you for being too much like me for your own good.)

Yes, that’s Summer Glau of Firefly. And I did get a little “River” with her POV, but that’s just how it goes. Of course, with the generally unhappy theme of this piece, you should have a less cheerful Summer image to go along with it.

I don’t have a really distinct idea of the *cough*spoilers*cough* guy at the end… but I do know what the wolfy wolf looks like!

There. Wolfy wolf. And nooo, I absolutely did not go and grab the first Google image result for “wolf” that popped up. I looked quite long and hard for a wolf with just the right amount of fluff around his neck, a serious enough expression, and the right coloring. [THIS IS NOT SARCASM.] I was very specific in my wolf characterization! That must count for something!

Are you still wanting a picture of that man at the end? Well I don’t have one. I can’t think of an actor who resembles the image in my mind. If you insist on making me find a picture, you’re going to get this…

Two hobbits and a dwarf! Yay!
Two hobbits and a dwarf! Yay!

…because I really have no reference picture. So enjoy that hobbity picture! Oh, sorry Gimli… enjoy that heroic picture of Middle Earthly orc slayers!



18 thoughts on “In which I shamelessly promote my own writing

    1. Thank you soooo much! :) I’m glad it was eerie! I saw that picture for the challenge and felt really excited to do something not as lighthearted as I normally do.

      Aaah, I had so much fun! :D

  1. I liked this bunches. I would review it on FP, but I was on my leetle Vicomte when I read it from there, and I didn’t feel like typing out anything by hand, and now, I’m too lazy to click more than thrice.

    I liked the setting in most parts, but then I wanted more plot during some of it… so take that as you want to. It’s this elements of fiction thing. Or maybe it’s just too much Lunar Park.

    I like that you can tell that it’s Little Red Riding Hood-ish at the end, and so it has you thinking of what will happen next, so that technique is really well executed here. :)

    1. Hehehe. Understandable.

      Yeah, well I wanted it vague and kind of… mystifying. Probably would bug me as a reader (hypocritical author alert!!!) but I wanted to preserve the element of surprise. It’s hard for me to write fairy tales because they’re so familiar, and I’m always so keen on keeping it a mystery. But oh well.

      Oh, I’m glad!! Thank you muchly, dearie. :)

  2. Duh!? I guess I didn’t need the password to leave a comment on Red. I left the comment on that site. I would still like to have the password however….. pleeeze! :)

    1. And I love it! I was reading the review, thinking, “This person knows me… (the Phantom bit) but whoooo… and… hmmm…” :P Thank you for solving the mystery and not making me send awkward messages.

      Also, your insight is almost correct. I hadn’t meant to put in all that imagery, but I believe every good story has its inspirations from the ultimate love story. ;) I really love how you found all of that in my “accidental” allegory. So thank you!

      Hmmmm… I think the protected posts are kind of… girls only. I know, you’re practically one of the girls, but stiiiill. ;P

      1. First of all, if you haven’t read the “message” that I sent to you on fb, you must read it NOW. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you have already read it, then forget about the preceding statement.

        Second, I’m glad that you liked the review. I loved reading the story and was so excited that I had it all figured out until the end when I realized that I didn’t have it all figured out, and then had to smile in wonder at what I should have known from the very beginning of the story. I’m assuming that you understood my subliminal message at the end? Ha! I crack me up.

        Third of all, about the password….. who needs your stupid ole password anyway!? Not me, hmph! As a matter-of-fact, I know something that you don’t know, and I’m not going to tell you unless you tell me what your stupid ole password is! So there! In fact you may have to tell me TWO passwords just to get this ONE top secret secret out of me. 

        Seriously though, if you ever want an “almost one of the girls” opinion…. I’m your “almost one of the girls” guy. :) Luvubye!

    2. I read it! I even replied! Shockingly quick for my usual way of putting things off, too.

      Heheheh. I did get the subliminal message, and I really can’t argue that. (Or complain. :P) But it stiiill could have Biblical meaning! The “wandering soul” could be a picture of the Church being cleansed, since she IS the bride of Christ and has no purpose or future apart from Him. ;) So the end doesn’t have to ruin that aspect. Just sayin’.

      Hehehe. Understood. I’ll keep that in mind.:)

      1. No need to argue or complain at all, I wouldn’t have you change at all…..ever! Oh. Yes. It does have Biblical meaning, if only from my point of view and I love it. The end didn’t ruin it at all, it was one of the best parts.
        About the password…. no worries. I have a plan. And here it is. Anyone that knows the password I will give you one mill…. no two million $$$ for it! :)

    3. Oh!! Aaaand…
      “Early Biblical sources present a contrast between the wolf symbolizing bloodshed and destruction versus the symbol of the wolf and the lamb lying down together representing peace and the coming Messianic rule.” So the transformation/”resurrection” is like Jesus overcoming death, bloodshed, destruction…etc. :) As well as the section before, lying down with the “lamb.” :D Yaaay!!

      1. Seeeee, I told you so! “My mental faculties are twice what yours are, you pea brain.” Next, I’ll conquer the world……Bwahahahaha! Luvubye! :)

  3. Oooh. My favorite is the wolf. :D
    Seriously, too, I can relate to looking for the perfect picture of a wolf- when I was trying to make a cover for Blood for a Rose, I could not for the life of me find a wolf that looked right. It’s harder than one would think.

    I also really love Summer Glau. (Firefly! Woo!)

    1. Mine too! :D I’m kind of in awe of how perfect that picture was. It is not an easy task finding the right wolf for a story. We should start an educational outreach. “Not all wolves are alike!” :P Writing makes one appreciate a lot of things that we generally don’t tend to think about. I’m in a very pensive mood today.

      Me too! I don’t think she’s pretty in the common sense of the word, but that makes her uncommonly pretty, right? :) She has natural beauty. I don’t like the pictures I found of her in lots of makeup. It’s like, “That’s not Summer!! That’s an impostor!”

      1. We should. Hehe. And yes, it does! So many things I never would have learned or cared about if I wasn’t a writer!

        I know exactly what you mean. She’s got a nontraditional beauty. And she looks way better with less makeup!

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