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This post is not wordy. I was just flipping through some picture folders and had this idea of an image based quiz. As in, questions to be answered in the form of pictures.

That looks like this…

What is one full outfit you wish you had?

What is something that is sometimes valued more when it’s missing?

Ten points to the one who can guess what it is. Or an even better prize; a smoldering look from Mr. Thornton. ;)

What animal are you most like?

M’kays, so Christy pointed out that it’s pretty common for people to chose a dog. (I think just as often people choose a cat, but they’re the animals we’re all so familiar with, so why not?) Just wanted to list a number of reasons why I do feel I’m most like a dog (or puppy) so ya’ll don’t go thinking I’m labeling myself as “man’s best friend.” (Although… heh… again, why not? :P)

-I’m exuberant and annoying. Little things excite me. I wriggle and whine and chew on things.

-When I hurt people, it’s from stupidity and not malice. I forget stuff easily.

-I’m harmless, unless I feel you’re threatening a friend. And then you will find that puppy teeth are quite sharp.

-You can ignore me for months and when you come back I’ll accept you with the same welcome as if you’d never gone away.

-I love my creature comforts, but I’m willing to go anywhere in the world as long as it’s with you.

-I’m happiest when someone I care about is telling me what to do, and I can do it for them. Unlike cats who want the doing done for them. I’m the puppy who fetches the ball and is overjoyed to bring it back as a present as many times as you ask it of him.

-Look at his face. I think I have a puppy face.

What are you reading right now?

What are you writing?

Hey, I had to be honest.

What has your day been like?

What sort of room do you want to kick back in?

What’s something you wish you could get away with?

How do you feel in this exact moment?

And that’s what happens when I don’t want to write a blog.


P.S. I hope you know how much time it took me to find a good picture for the “currently reading” one. I knew exactly what kind of images I wanted, but the marriage picture was nearly impossible. I wanted one with the hands, and I find I’m very picky about hands, and none of the man-hands were cutting it for me. Then I found one with tolerable hands, (“though not handsome enough to tempt me“) but the bride’s dress was unbearably hideous! Then one guy’s hands were too tan, while another’s were too spindly–but not in a Phantom way–and another guy had wrinkled hands and he wasn’t even old! Or his bride wasn’t old… which was creepy. Then there was a guy with pretty nice hands, but the rings were ugly! One couple both had lovely hands, but there was a watermark right in the middle of the image. And one looked like he was giving his bride the Heimlich! :( Then I found the one you see and I think it’s amazing! :) Thus ends my tale of woe.


15 thoughts on “image1a

  1. Brilliant idea!

    “Ten points to the one who can guess what it is.” – Um… a loved one? A fictional husband?

    Love what you did with “The Day I Married My Stalker.” Also, what your day’s been like? Ha!

    And I laugh at your tale of woe.

    1. Why thanks! You’re welcome to copy the idea and do your own. :)

      Nooo… but I’ll give you a hint. It’s *not* pictured in the picture. In fact, it’s what’s missing in the picture. ;)

      Hehehe. Thanks. Yep, pretty up and down. I felt like the monk on the right and the one on the left at different intervals through my day. :P


  2. Oh hey, it’s me! I was really confused when I saw my face on your blog, because I wasn’t actually putting the pictures together. Duh moment. :D lol.

    I really like this idea. I may have to steal it for a day when I’m not up to writing a blog (like yesterday.) This, and that one about the pop can tabs and imaginary husbands. I’m working on that post.

    The puppy dog part made me giggle! Especially ” I wriggle and whine and chew on things.”

    And the hand picture searching reminded me of the wolf picture searching. You ought to write a blog on how to find the perfect picture for inconsequential things. That aren’t really that inconsequential.

    1. Heeheehee! So it is! I was awaiting your reaction to that. I thought, “I wonder how Mara will take this… having her face suddenly there on my post.” :)

      Both of which I greatly look forward to reading!! :D

      *gasp* That’s a marvelous idea!! Oooo…. You have inspired me!

      1. I am very honored to be your current reading. :D It made me happy.

        I might do the husband post today, because I’m still sickish and I don’t want to vlog.

        Yay! Go forth and write great things!

  3. See if you can read my mind. Which picture am I thinking of, “GETAROOMWILLYA!” Oh, and the picture that you do have of a room is almost exactly what I want the room to the left as you walk through our front door. Hope that you enjoyed the chicken-broccoli, and hope ever more that you mom gets plenty of rest. God bless!

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