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Indian Me – Teaser

Soooo… I did record the first chapter of that story, Soysaucemyella. There’s 21 minutes of my own voice for me to edit and add sounds to. Not my idea of the best time ever. :P So forgive me if I drag my feet (or hands) about it.

As a peace offering, I’ve decided to release to you this snippet of me failing at reading the first chapter. I was in a very silly mood and my voice inflections were all over the place, so I just gave up trying and let it become this nugget of insanity.

This audio goof.
“But one of them blocked my paaaath.”
I can be shrill. Don’t turn the volume too high. You’ll get a headache.



4 thoughts on “Indian Me – Teaser

  1. HAHAHA! Oh I love these recordings.

    I really want to make a video of me (or me and a friend) being the characters in Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet, inspired by this. Complete with costumes and props. But I don’t have the video editing skills.

    1. Aww, it’s really not that difficult! Of course I say that noooow… after years of using my primitive Microsoft Movie Maker and still not knowing all the tricks… but yes. Heheh. I’d love to see that!

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