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It’s A Country Thang

I’ve never been an avid country song listener. My managers got me sort of hooked, recently. Well, they, and my grandpa, and my blondie friend. They all ganged up on me (separately) and had the audacity to make my life easier and more enjoyable with country songs playing in the background. I can’t dislike any songs that play during wonderful moments of my life. But what I’m getting at here, is I’m pretty new to the country music… club… of… this… thing of listening to it. The other thing I’m trying to get at is…

I wrote a country song!

Okay, I didn’t really. But I have this concept for a country song that someone should write! Maybe someone already has and I just don’ t know it because I don’t know enough country song. But regardless, here it is!


So it starts out with a guy. The song’s from his twangy point of view. This guy is driving along and he sees a car broken down on the side of the road. He goes to help the person out and he sees it’s a woman peering under the hood of her car all confused like. He teases her for driving such an unreliable thing around and he’s tooootally flirting the entire time. Part of the song has him describing characteristics that he’s attracted to; her swishy hair or inability to drive… something like that. The car needs to be towed, so he offers her a ride home, saying he’ll come back and pick her car up the next morning. She says he’s her hero.

She hops in the truck with him, and while she’s flicking the hair out of her eyes he notices a ring on her left hand. But this does not stop him from flirting or singing about how nice she looks. Maybe she complains about the truck lurching. But she laughs about it anyway.

They pull up to her house and she invites him in. He says maybe it’s not a good idea. She says it’ll be fine; her kids are in bed asleep and her husband went for a drive. He follows her up to the porch and they steal a kiss in the shadows. He thinks her son saw them. She opens the door really quietly… they slip inside…

And a little girl comes running up in a nightgown and pigtails and says, “Daddy! Did you bring mommy home!?”


And then everyone who was thinking, “What a creepy jerk!!” is now thinking, “AWWW! Romance in marriage!!” and I’m sitting back laughing at them all, shrieking, “PSYCH!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!”


I don’t need recognition or a million bucks for this idea. Someone else can totally steal it and get rich and famous off it. I just want to hear it on the radio and go, “Niiiiiiiice!”


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