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Project Hair Grow – Month 6

I used to think my hair grows fast, but since I started counting… I don’t know. Six months seems like a long time for my hair not to be super lengthy yet. I just want to play with hairstyles! I consider this medium, not long! Bah!

But here. This month’s hair pictures.

My black shrug is very handy, except that it makes my darkened hair disappear at my shoulders. So my hand is there to point out the ends.

I put a braid on the tippy top and twisted it back with a pretty hair comb. I should get some more hair combs. And little hats. And those hair do-dads with feathers, like in Regency times. :D

I’m not fond of the really short layers up top. It’s ridiculous trying to curl them into submission. See how they sort of sproing out at the sides of me head? *sigh* Next time I’ll be much more specific with the hair stylist. I would like layers throughout… not just on the top of my head where I usually like to twist and braid or pull back into tails.

Notes to self for next trim: keep the bangs, keep the length, get longer layers.

So that’s that! Until next month…



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