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Sweet Talkin Saturday: Babe

Whoa, one of these posts! Haven’t seen one in a while, have yuh? I just found this in the 20+ drafts I have saved and decided to finish it for posting. Huzzah!

Allow me to express me feelings on this epithet “babe” with a comment in like manner:

Me no likey.

Babe is a pig. One who I was never very fond of. I like pigs on my plate. That is where a pig shines. In fact, bacon-lips would be a better nickname than babe. Heheh.

I’m getting sidetracked. Happens to me often.

Alright, let’s dig a little deeper into the origins of this word and its various uses. Behold my lazy copy and paste skills. Ripped out of the Online Etymology Dictionary, otherwise known as One of Beth’s Best Friends. Hey, I’m letting you be lazy, too! You don’t even have to click the link; just read the stuff here!


late 14c., short for baban (early 13c.), which probably is imitative of baby talk (cf. babble), however in many languages the cognate word means “old woman” (cf. Rus. babushka “grandmother,” from baba “peasant woman”).


Hooow attractive. Can you blame me for not liking it? And yes, actually, I’d prefer babushka! In fact, I enjoy being called babushka as I have by friends!


Now mostly superseded by its dim. form baby. Used figuratively for “a childish person” from 1520s. Meaning “attractive young woman” is 1915, college slang; related babelicious first recorded 1991.


Aha! See?? College slang! If “babe” still meant “child-person” it would be fine. I do have a fondness for archaic definitions. (Don’t get me started on the word “awesome”) But after the Victorian Era… I mean, the world went downhill from there! Including our word usage and meanings. Also, I don’t see that this word takes much creativity. It’s just… babe. It sounds silly. *says it* Babe.

*snork* I’d use it only if I didn’t want to be taken seriously. It kind of comes across as cocky. To me it says, “I see you as someone who I can be condescending to without really deserving the pride I place in myself.” Like those guys who over compensate because they have no virtues to speak for them.

Using it like “she’s a babe” also gets under my skin. Why can’t she be a “lovely girl” instead? “Just a lovely, average girl” like Jimmy Stewart says in Shop Around the Corner.

But that’s my opinion. I hear babe from a lot of couples and they’re obviously not offended by each other. …or aaare they? Babe.

*sigh* I’ve used that word too much in this post now. I need to go write something about little linnets and sweetlings. :) Those words make me happy.



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