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Wardrobe Wishes

This post was started before I went thrift store shopping and spent nearly $80 on myself in one place. That is the most money I have ever spent in one shopping trip. Ever.

But anyway, since I probably won’t get pictures of all my amazing new finds for a while as I would like to wear them first, I thought I might as well put this up now.

By the way, I’m not one to follow fashion trends because they’re “in” or what everyone else is wearing. If I see something I like, I’ll imitate the look. So if plaid prints aren’t necessarily fashion forward for the spring season, I’m not going to be held back from wearing them. Just a head’s up. Now you know.


My threefold wish for my spring closet is to have more color, (yay floral!) more versatile accessories (mostly non-dangling earrings I can wear to work) and clothes that help me look my age. That means finding stuff that fits, yes.

Pleasing Patterns

I do love plaid and floral patterns, but both have to be done just so. For plaid, form fitting, feminine colors and a unique way of wearing it. The dark red with jeans… not my favorite. But these could be my favorite!

Ignoring the bow, because that would not help me look my age.

I love the shape of the sleeves!

Another trick I figured out is the sleeves can’t be too long or the plaid starts to look manleh.

The boots are hideous, but somehow I can see myself wearing that top.

And floral prints are tricky, too. If the pattern’s too big, it looks like wallpaper. If the pattern’s too small it becomes cheap redneck sleeze.

But these ones are quite lovey, I think…


I absolutely love this. And look! KITTTYYYYY!!!

And probably my favorite of all the floral prints, although it could just be the way it’s worn and the amazing photography.

Fashion Savvy Folk

I have a confession to make… I stalk Kate Middleton on Google images. She’s just so sophisticated and lovely! You must click on the image below (which I nabbed from brunch at saks) and read this other blogger’s thoughts on Kate’s fashion sense, as well as see all the images she’s collected of her outfits. Because I couldn’t have said better what she already said. ;)

I know this is supposed to be for spring, and I picked the picture of the coats, but look at that gorgeous blue in the middle! That’s quite springy, I think!

Emmy Rossum is prettiness. If you know me at all, you know I think she’s the prettiest person alive. Look how she makes a pair of jeans and a top look like the most fabulous outfit ever. You can roll over the image… if you want.

Zooey, Zooey… I love your clothes and quirkiness. You are the second prettiest person alive.

If I thought I could get away with it, I’d so do those shorts.

I would find some excuse to wear that paper petal dress. I totally would.

Taylor Swift is the prettiest blonde.  Her hair is quite enviable and I find I very much like her classy country style.

I found a site that’s pretty wild. It’s called Dress Like Taylor, and it shows you how to recreate her outfits. :) Included are even hair and makeup tutorials. Woohoo!

I picked some of my favorite outfits of hers.


A Few Things…

Here’s some stuff I found on my own and just like to look at. Guaranteed, the majority of these finds are Anthropologie. If I was a millionaire, almost my whole closet would be from that store. The rest would be thrift store finds. ;)


I love yellow. So it’s a good thing my complexion allows me to wear it.

Accessories, Please

I need some good hats.

And other nice hair thingies.

When at last I’ve worn or captured all the things I bought, you will see how I fared with my eighty dollar budget.



One thought on “Wardrobe Wishes

  1. I LOVE Zooey Deschanel. I think if I had to pick a celebrity whose style I would steal, it’d be her. She’s so fun and quirky and girly. Love. I would do those shorts, too, if I could get away with it.

    I want the hair in the last picture. And the hairthingie.

    I can’t wait to see your new clothings! :D

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