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Spring Collection – Part 1

I was going to make one big post of my new wardrobe pieces after I wore them all but I’m too excited to wait!! Also, it appears I bought even more clothes and accessories than I thought and I don’t want to try cramming a bazillion pictures into one post. :D Oooh well. Try to be disappointed. ;P

You will learn very quickly that I name my clothes. It makes it easier for me to find things. “Mum, where’s my Dr. Seuss sweater?” “Heey! What is my Naboo skirt doing on the floor?” “Should I wear Sparkly Present Dress tonight?” Whether anyone else knows what I’m talking about is irrelevant.

But since you’re all reading my blog, I think it’s only fair to explain the names of these outfits. Since you’re here.

This first one was hard to decide on. Mum’s first impression of me was, “You look like a professional.” I snorted with, “Do I at least look like an expensive professional?” She said that’s not what she meant. :P But I felt like a princess. One of those sophisticated modern day princesses, like… I’m going to say it again… Kate Middleton. I know she’s not a princess yet… or is she? But that’s beside the point. The point is, the name is for that. And the fact I wore it for Sunday morning service.

The second one is because I felt like a country singer, and I’m fairly in love with The JaneDear Girls Wildflower song. (Not as much in love with the video, except for the guys washing the truck *coughs*) But mixed with that was a feeling of a 30’s woman, which made me think of WWII which made me think of writing letters which made me think of Dear John*, all in a very short flicker of a thought. So it just made sense.

Middleton Morning

It is not easy to get pictures of a fluttery white blouse in bright sunlight. Just so you know.

This was purely to make me more likable. The age old trick of posing with a child. ;)

My ring. Given to me by my brother for my 18th.

Dear Jane Girl

I just liked this one. :)

And special for Mara, my glowing-eyed hypnotic spell-casting owl earrings which I loooove. :D <3

*Dear John was a useless movie with a horrible ending that I did not like. Apparently, I didn’t take the actual TITLE into account when I started watching it.

There’s a lot more, but you’ll have to wait until I wear them. (*coughs*I mean you, Mara. ;))



6 thoughts on “Spring Collection – Part 1

  1. I LOVE the second outfit! And not just because of the owl earrings.

    Okay, possibly for the earrings.

    But also for the boots. And the dress. And the scarf. It’s adorable. The first one is pretty, too. You do look professional. :D And the color of the skirt is really pretty!

    *squeeeeeeee* owl earrings!

      1. Me too!!! :D But alas, those amazing boots broke. :( The heel on one of them snapped before I even got outside. *cries* So I guess I have to look for some more. But they were so perfect! *sigh*

        Oh well! I still have mah owls!! :D Hehehehe.

  2. Didn’t I tell you you looked cute on Sunday! hehe. I know my fashion. lol! just kidding. But I love the olive green dress. You can wear it for a Jane meets Tarzan photo shoot.

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